Management Information System MIMB Solution



Part – A (45 Marks)


Attempt any Three Question

1- What do you mean by DBMS (Database management System) ? Differentiate Hierarchical, Network and Relational database models with its advantages and disadvantages.

2- What do you mean by Operating System? Describe three Operating Systems in detail.

3- Define contemporary status of e-Commerce in India with its counterparts in Asia.

4- What do you mean by Data processing? Describe the importance of evaluation and control of data processing.

5- What do you mean by network? Describe LAN, WAN, MAN, CAN with its nature and usage.


Part – B (35 Marks)

Attempt any five Question

1- What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic information system?

2- What is re-engineering? What does it have to do with lT?

3- Why is selecting a system development approach an important business decision? Who should participate in the selection process?

4- What are the goals of security measures for Information System? Explain.

5- What are the typical components of ERP system?

6- Define MIS and explain in brief components of MIS.

7- Evaluate the impact of information system on organizations.


Part – C (20 Marks)

Attempt any two Question

1- Explain Cyber Crime.

2- Describe Virtual Company with its importance.

3- Explain Malware, Adware and Spyware.


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