Supply Chain Management MIMB Solution



Section – A (Marks – 50)
Attempt any five questions
1- Explain the various aspect of Supply chain Management.
2- Describe the Physical distribution system in length.
3- Explain the factors involved in creating distribution channel.
4- Explain the major form of vertical marketing system and its importance.
5- Explain the various technique of inventory management.
6- Discuss the role of ERP in the supply chain integration.

Section – B (Marks – 35)
Attempt any five questions –
1- Explain the element of supply chain?
2- What is the method of direct distribution system?
3- Discuss the role of E Business in Supply Chain.
4- Explain the future of IT in Supply Chain.
5- Write a note of ABC analysis as an inventory optimization.
6- Who are all the middleman involved in distribution of Goods?

Section – C (Marks – 15)
Attempt any three questions
1- Explain the role of IT in demand forecasting.
2- Explain the impact of uncertainty on network design.
3- Explain importance of Distribution network design.
4- Explain role of sourcing in supply chain management.


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