Six Sigma Management MIMB Solution



Part – A (45 Marks)
Attempt any Three Question
1- What do you understand by Six Sigma concept? Explain the various quality parameters in six sigma?
2- Explain Six Sigma deployment and management in details.
3- How will you integrate Six sigma and what is process excellence?
4- Explain Six Sigma’s various Goals and Metrics in an organization.
5- Describe Strategy deployment plan for a hypothetical organization.

Part – B (35 Marks)
Attempt any five Question
1- Explain various Change agents and their effects on organizations.
2- How will you implement six sigma in an organization?
3- Explain Six Sigma organizational roles and responsibilities.
4- How will you integrate Six Sigma with other information systems technologies?
5- How will you Create Customer-Driven Organizations.
6- Explain Kano Model of Customer expectations.

Part – C (20 Marks)
Attempt any two Question
1- What is the important of six sigma management in an organization?
2- Explain various elements of the transformed organization
3- Explain Garden variety Six Sigma only addresses half of the Kano customer satisfaction model

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