Operations Management MIMB Solution



Section – A (Marks – 50)
Attempt any five questions
1- What is operation Management? Explain manufacturing and service operation in detail.
2- What is strategy? Define various level of strategy.
3- Explain product design process in detail.
4- Describe various project management activities in detail.
5- What is inventory? Explain various types of inventory management.
6- Explain Modern Dynamic Concept of Productivity. what are the factors that affect productivity

Section – B (Marks – 35)
Attempt any five questions –
1- Explain system view of operation management.
2- Drawing a network diagram.
3- Explain Economic Order Quantity Model in detail.
4- Explain ABC inventory classification system in detail.
5- Explain Forecasting Objectives and Uses, Forecasting Decision Variables.
6- Explain various Location Theories.

Section – C (Marks – 15)

Attempt any three questions

1- Explain the role of operation in strategy development.
2- Explain Total Quality Management.
3- Explain JIT and Lean System.
4- What do you understand by the reorder point model?

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