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ECAP145_22231_1 – Fundamentals of Information Technology – Assignment 1

Q1 Differentiate between:
(a) PROM and EPROM.
(b) Primary memory and Secondary memory. [10 Marks]

Q2. Discuss in details about the functionality of Operating Systems? Also, mention the different operating systems and their characteristics. [10 Marks]

ECAP145_22231_2 – Fundamentals of Information Technology – Assignment 2

Q1. What is a DBMS? Elaborate the working of DBMS and its components. [10 marks]

Q2. What is cryptocurrency in simple words? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency? [10 marks]

EECO525_22231_1 – Microeconomic Theory And Analysis – Assignment 1

Q1. Explain the Euler’s theorem for allocation of total product of a firm. [10 Marks]

Q2. Write and explain the properties of CES production function. [10 Marks]

EECO525_22231_2 – Microeconomic Theory Analysis 1 – Assignment 2

Q1. Discuss the Baumol’s model of sales maximization. [10 Marks]

Q2. Discuss the Marris’s Model of the Managerial Enterprise. [10 Marks]

EECO526_22231_1 – Macroeconomic Theory Analysis 1 – Assignment 1

Q1. Explain whether borrowing constraints increase or decrease the potency of fiscal policy to influence aggregate demand in each of the following two cases.
a. A temporary tax cut.
b. An announced future tax cut [10 Marks]

Q2. How do the life-cycle and permanent-income hypotheses resolve the seemingly contradictory pieces of evidence regarding consumption behavior? [10 Marks]

EECO526_22231_2 – Macroeconomic Theory Analysis 1 – Assignment 2

Q1.What is meant by the international investment position of a nation, or its balance of international indebtedness? What is its relationship to the nation’s balance of payments?
[10 Marks]

Q2. What is double-entry bookkeeping? Why does double-entry bookkeeping usually involve an entry called statistical discrepancy? [10 Marks]

EECO604_22231_1 – Indian Economy – Assignment 1

Q1. “The actual policy regime that India followed in its early days of Independence was a mixture of the two competing visions- A Soviet style planning system where capitalism was also allowed to flourish.” Discuss. What led to a change in the perspective in regard to the role of planning and the role of state? [10 Marks]

Q2. “The India 1947, under British rule, showed all the signs of what is today called an underdeveloped economy.” Discuss, with particular reference to the composition of national income and the occupational distribution of workforce. [10 Marks]

EECO604_22231_2 – Indian Economy – Assignment 2

Q1. “Altogether the overall post reform growth has been very good, India unfortunately still has miles to go on matters of basic needs and the development of the most disadvantaged” Discuss. In the light of the above what needs to be done in the next round of reforms. [10 Marks]

Q2. Evaluate the latest Monetary Policy Committee report in light of the current economic condition of the country? [10 Marks]

EGEN530_22231_1 – Fundamentals of Research – Assignment 1

Q1. Examine the meaning, qualities and features of hypothesis. [10 Marks]

Q2. Distinguish the meaning of null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis with examples. [10 Marks]

EGEN530_22231_2 – Fundamentals of Research – Assignment 2

Q1. Define the word research paper review process and its various stages. [10 Marks]

Q2. Examine the significance of Manupatra, academic social networks including google scholar, academia research gate in social science research. [10 Marks]

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