B2B Marketing – NMIMS Assignment Dec 2020

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B2B Marketing

NMIMS Assignment Dec 2020

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Q1. A business marketer (who is a potential supplier) is keen to supply cold-rolled (CR) steel coils to a major passenger car manufacturer, who has been buying the same material from three other suppliers on regular basis for the past few years. As per the purchase policy, the car manufacturer cannot buy any material from more than three suppliers. What should the business marketer do to supply CR steel coils to the major passenger car manufacturer?

Q2. Suppose you are working in a courier services company, which is ranked fourth in the domestic Indian market in terms of market share. Your company management thinks that one of the ways to improve sales & profit performance, as well as the company’s market share, is to implement the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). You are asked to prepare a proposal indicating the objectives, strategies & challenges in implementing the IMC.

Q3a Read the following Case & solve the questions given:

When SS Electroplating Company started the electroplating operations in a residential location in Bengaluru, it received a notice from the pollution Control Board to install the effluent treatment plant within 15 days, failing which they would seal the plant.

The Director of the company collected the information that it would cost about 10,00,000 to buy an effluent treatment plant, an area of about 600 sq.feet to install it over a period of 2-3 months, & running cost of about 40,000 per month for the purchase of material like costic soda & others. The effluent contained nickel, synide, cromium, cadminum& zinc, which were to be treated separately using different chemicals. After effluent liquid of about 800 litres per day was treated, the sludge was to be dried, packed, stored & dumped in a government notified place. The entire process would not only cost substantial amount, but also would need additional area of about 600-700 sq. feet

The company gathered information that some of the competitors outsourced the effluent treatment to government approved agencies, who collected the effluent liquid from these chemical & electroplating factories, & treated (or neutralized) the chemicals at their effluent treatment plants. These agencies charged 10 to 15 per litre for the treatment of effluent liquid, depending on the type of chemicals. The cost of outsourcing was considered much higher compared to in-house effluent treatment plant. However, SS Electroplating Company, like many other chemical & electroplating factories did not have additional area for the installation of effluent treatment plant.

The Director was aware that the liquid waste from the factory would have harmful effects on the surrounding residential area. He also could not violate the Government regulation on environment control. The director had very little time – two weeks – to decide & act.

a. If you were the Director of the company, what would you do & why?
b. Should all companies in this industry come up together as to save cost. Provide your suggestions.


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Q1. Crompton Greaves Ltd is the leader in Indian Domestic market for electric motors, which conform to Indian & International Standards. The company faces a severe competition from small scale motor manufacturer as well as large global players like Siemens & ABB. What suggestions you would like to give to the company to maintain its leadership position in this product category?

Q2. An automobile component OEM manufacturing alternators has appointed your advertising agency to design the promotional strategy for their product. You are required to prepare a marketing communication campaign & select appropriate media vehicle for the same keeping in mind the target audience.

Q3. Read the following Case & solve the questions given:
ABC is a leading brand of furniture in B2C segment having presence in various cities in India. ABC now plans to introduce in B2B category by launching a product line in the office furniture category. It intends to sell both Indian as well as imported furniture so as to cater to the different needs & wants of the target audience. It intends to target corporates but is not clear how to go about marketing & selling it to corporates (B2B) as ABC was always involved in selling home furniture (B2C).
a. Suggest positioning strategies to be adopted by ABC for their new product line in B2B Category.
b. Suggest a suitable sales promotion strategy for ABC’s new product line of office furniture