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NMIMS Assignment Solution June 19

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Q1. ABC Ltd is an FMCG Company operating in India and you are planning to start the operations in South Africa. First problem you have, as an HR Manager, is to ensure that availability of skilled and able workforce in South Africa. What are your sources for the same and which one will you choose? (10 Marks)

Q2. NITT is a leading IT Company in India and it is planning to expand its operations in Africa. The company has decided to send the expatriates from India to man important positions in the subsidiary in Africa. What selection criteria will you use for expatriate selection? (10 Marks)

Q3. ADB is a Bank in India and it is planning an international expansion in China. One of the functions that ADB needs to deal with is ‘International Staffing.’ With respect to this write a note on each of the following:
a. E Recruitment (5 Marks) b. Use of social networks (5 Marks)

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