NMIMS Assignment Solution 2nd Sem Dec 20



2nd Sem NMIMS Assignment Solution

Dec 2020 Solution

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Subject List and 1st Question

  1. Business Communication
    • Q1. Javed is a supervisor in one of the biggest automobile companies MATA Motors. . ..other’s 3 question.
  2. Operations Management

    • Q1. What are various decision criteria for deciding a location for a business setup..other’s 3 question.

  3. Essentials of HRM
    • Q1. ABC Ltd. is a well-known IT Company in India since 2002...other’s 3 question.
  4. Strategic Management
    • Q1. ..other’s 3 question.
  5. Decision Science
    • Q1. The data of two variables X and Y is given below:: ..other’s 3 question.
  6. Business Law
    • Q1. Explain the difference between Contract of Guarantee and Contract of Indemnity and provide two (2) examples each of such contracts. ..other’s 3 question.