NMIMS Solved Assignments 1st Sem Dec 20

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  1. Management Theory and Practice:
    • Q1: ABC Ltd. has been going through a bad phase off late in their Business of Machine Spare Parts..
    • ….contd.. other 3 question
  2. Organizational Behavior
    • Q1. Anand has been raised in economically modest family and has seen family struggle to make ends meet. ….contd.. other 3 question
  3. Business Economics
    • Q1. Rohan is appointed an economics’professor in a reputed university. In his first lecture, students asked him to elaborate on Gross Domestic Product
      ….contd.. other 3 question
  4. Financial Accounting and Analysis

    Q1. Karagiri is a Pune based startup that works with 800 families across India. The startup is in the business of handloom saris.….contd.. other 3 question

  5. Information Systems for Managers
    • Q1. Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices have made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy.contd.. other 3 question . Buy online solution

  6. Marketing Management

    Case: “Yuva” is a fitness band catering to Indian youth in lower price segment. There is a vast market who are health conscious and wants the latest tech in wearable device category. There are currently two fitness band that is being sold by the company.

    . ….contd.. other 3 question