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(Last date of submission for January 2023 session is 30th April, 2023 and for July 2023 sessions is 31st October, 2023)

1. (a) Discuss the meaning and scope of Marketing function. Explain the elements of Marketing mix and their importance in designing Marketing Strategy.
(b) Elaborate the role of Marketing is a developing country like India and areas of relevance (you may access secondary/internet sources.
2. (a) Discuss the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC). Explain in what stage of PLC the forming products are:
i) Any brand of SUV of your choice
ii) Base mobile phone hand set.
(b) Who is consumer? Why it is vital to have a good knowledge of consumers and their behavior for marketers? Illustrate with an example.
3. (a) When and why a firm embarks on the idea of a new product development process? Discuss. Explain with reference to any consumer durable company of your choice and the reasons there of.
(b) Discuss the determinants of pricing for a product/service. Briefly explain various pricing methods used by the marketers and their advantages and limitations.
4. (a) Explain and discuss your understanding of sales forecast. If you were to forecast sales potential for a leading top end mobile brand how would you go about in undertaking the task. Discuss.
(b) A company is planning to launch a range of multigrain biscuits for health conscious senior citizens category. Suggest a suitable brand name and the distribution strategy for the said product. Give reasons for your choice.


1. a) Explain the term marketing with suitable examples. Discuss the elements of marketing mix and their role in strategy development.
b) With the help of secondary data sources (published or internet) try and collect relevant and recent material in the last five years with regard to infrastructure sector which indicates the type of marketing effort is being made to develop and promote infrastructure sector.
2. a) Distinguish between products and services with suitable illustrations. Discuss the concept of service and the reasons for growth of the sector in the last five years (collect data from published and internet sources).
b) What is the concept of product life cycle (PLC)? Discuss the various stages of PLC in the following situations.
(i) any SUV model of your choice
(ii) electric bike
3. a) Explain and discuss the concept of a segment in marketing. Take a hypothetical example of your choice and explain the bases for segmentation and the decision to select its segment.
(b) Who is a consumer? Why knowledge of consumer behavior is important for marketers in the design and development of firms offering? Illustrate.
4. a) Explain the importance of branding in marketing of goods and services. Select a suitable brand name and discuss the branding decisions that you would consider in the following situations.
(a) a premium soap for men
(b) gearless motorcycle for women from a leading manufacturer.

b) As a Manager, you have been assigned the task of sales forecasting for the following periods.
(a) Short term for – 6 months
(b) Midterm for – 2 years
(c) Long term for – 4-5 years
How would you go about in undertaking the said task for a small passenger car. Discuss the determinants, approaches and evaluation criteria that you wish to consider. Justify.

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IGNOU Assignment Old Question

1. (a) Take an example one each from a product and a service offering of your choice and discuss the marketing function as an exchange process between a firm and its customers/ client leading to customer satisfaction.
(b) Distinguish product marketing from marketing of services. Explain the characteristics of services that makes them challenging in the process of marketing.
2. (a) Elaborate the concept of a Market Vs the Concept of a segment with suitable illustration.
(b) Why marketing research is of primary importance for a Manager in the decision making process? Discuss.
3. (a) Explain the concept of product life cycle (PLC). Discuss the elements of marketing mix strategies at the different stages of PLC in case of any Industrial product of your choice.
(b) Select any 4 Newspapers (Nation/Regional) advertisements for any specific consumer goods. Evaluate the advertising appeal in each advertisement and identify which need(s) product is supposed to satisfy (according to Maslow’s needs of hierarchy).
4. (a) List out the major objectives of pricing policy. Discuss the importance of “Pricing” both for the sellers and buyers in the exchange process. Explain the nature and use of price discounts among FMCG category.
(b) What is Sales forecasting? Discuss why sales forecasting is being considered as one of the grey areas of marketing function of every business.

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