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Important announcement: (Last date of submission for January 2023 session is 30th April, 2023 and for July 2023 sessions is 31st October, 2023)

1. (a) Distinguish sales from marketing and explain the terms. Elaborate the need and scope for the interdependence between sales and distribution functions.
(b) Explain the terms “Personal Selling” and “Salesmanship” with suitable illustrations. Try and track the growing importance of personal selling in the last decade. (You may access secondary data sources/Internet-source)
2. (a) What are Selling Skills? List out the sellings skills and the role, scope and significance in selling jobs. Pickup one each from FMCG Company and another from a service firm and explain the importance of these skills. .
(b) What is negotiation? Discuss the steps involved in negotiation.
3. (a) What are the components of compensation? Explain the various kinds of compensation plans (both direct and indirect).
(b) Why does territory planning assumes a key responsibility of a sales manager? Discuss the approaches to territory design in managing the sales function effectively.
4. (a) What are the needs and the reasons for establishing sales organization in an enterprise? Discuss.
(b) Explain the need and objectives of monitoring sales forces. Discuss the basic issues in the evaluating process of salesman.

July 2022

1. (a) Distinguish Selling from Marketing with a suitable illustration.
Explain the linkage of distribution function with sales management in a consumer durable company of your choice.
(b) What is sales strategy? Discuss the sales strategy formulation for a newly introduced electric bike.
2. (a) Explain the various Selling Skills that a salesman should possess and why? Comment on the importance of Interpersonal communication process with an example.
(b) What is Presentation in the context of selling? Discuss the various types of sales presentation and the situations where they can be used.
3. (a) Discuss the frequently used sources of recruitment for frontline salesman with suitable examples.
Explain how training needs are identified in a medium size engineering company.
(b) What are the ways in which a sales manager can motivate a salesman? Discuss.
4. (a) What are the various approaches involved in territory design? Elaborate.
(b) When and why field sales organisation are developed? Discuss with an example and jutify the need for establishing a sales organisation.

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MS62 IGNOU Assignment Question for Answer

1. (a) Explain with a suitable example the major differences/ activities performed between Sales and Marketing function performed in a FMCG Company.
(b) Discuss the sales process that you would adopt in the following situations and why?
(a) IT company selling Banking software
(b) Company selling Buses for State Road Transport
2. (a) What do you understand by selling skills in sales function? Explain with a suitable example the different kinds of selling skills that a saleman ought to possess.
(b) Discuss the objectives of recruitment and selection functions in any firm that you are associated or familiar with.
What recruitment sources will you recommend for the following & why?
(i) Missionary Salesman for a Pharma Company
(e) Salesman for promoting Banking products
3. (a) When and why training assumes importance for a Salesman? Discuss. Do you agree that sales training should be a continued and an on going activity? Elaborate.
What is sales planning? Why territory planning is of strategic importance for sales function?
Briefly explain the approaches to territory design.
4. (a) Explain the need for sales Organisation in a FMCG company of your choice.
(b) Discuss the role and responsibilities of:
(a) Sales Executive of a courier company.
(b) Sales Manager of a Academic Publishing House.

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