Human Resource Management IIMT Solved Assignments



IIMT Solved Assignments

Human Resource Management Assignments

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Part A: Attempt all of the following 10*2=20 Marks
1. ________ are the resources that provide utility value to all other resources.
a. Men
b. Material
c. Money
d. Machinery
2. The term procurement stands for
a. recruitment and selection
b. training and development
c. pay and benefits
d. health and safety
3. The characteristics of human resources are ________ in nature
a. homogeneous
b. heterogeneous
c. ductility
d. None of the above
4. Identify the managerial function out of the following functions of HR managers.
a. procurement
b. development
c. organizing
d. performance appraisal
5. Which of the following is an example of operative function of HR managers?
a. planning
b. organizing
c. procurement
d. controlling
6. The scope of human resource management includes
a. procurement
b. development
c. compensation
d. All of the above
7. Human resource management is normally ________ in nature.
a. proactive
b. reactive
c. combative
d. None of the above
8. The human resource management functions aim at
a. ensuring that the human resources possess adequate capital, tool, equipment and material to perform the job successfully
b. helping the organization deal with its employees in different stages of employment
c. improving an organization’s creditworthiness among financial institutions
d. None of the above
9. Which of the following aptly describes the role of line managers and staff advisors, namely HR professionals?
a. Staff advisors focus more on developing HR programmes while line managers are more involved in the implementation of those programmes.
b. Line managers are concerned more about developing HR programmes whereas staff advisors are more involved in implementing such programmes.
c. Staff advisors are solely responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the HR programmes while line managers are not all involved in any matters concerning HR.
d. Line managers alone are responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the HR programmes while staff advisors are not all involved in any matters concerning HR.
10. Which of this suggestion is an effective way to deal with stress.
a) Meditation
b) Exercise
c) Talking with others
d) All of the above
Part B: Attempt five of the following 5*10=50 Marks
1. Outline the steps involved in human resource planning process.
2. Do individual motivate an individual in long term? Discuss
3. Explain the concept of HR planning. What is the importance of HR planning.
4. Elucidate the Human resource audit and audit process.
5. Explain the methods and approaches to training.
6. Discuss the role of recruitment in an integrated HR strategy.

Part C:
Berkely Investments is a reputed finance company having 15 branches in different part of the country. In the home office there are more than 200 employees. This company has a performance rating under which the employees are rated at six months intervals by a committee of two executives. Graphic scales have been used as means of appraisal. The qualities considered are responsibility, initiative, and interest in work, leadership potential, co-operative attitude and community activity. After the performance is evaluated, the ratings are discussed with the concerned employees by their immediate boss who counsels them. The ratings aroused to influence promotions and salary adjustments the employees and also as a criterion for assigning further rating for them.
Recently three employees of the company called on the company’s president to express their dissatisfaction with the ratings they had received. Their scores and composite ratings had been discussed with them. Because their ratings were comparatively low, they had been denied annual increments in salary. Approximately, two thirds of all the employees received such increments. The aggrieved employees argued that their ratings did not accurately represent their qualifications or performance. They insisted that “community activity” was not actually a part of their job and that what they do off the job is none of the company’s business. They expressed their opinion that employees should organize union and insist that salary increase be automatic.
The threat of a union caused concern to the officers of the company. This particular experience convinced the top officers that ratings may represent a serious hazard to satisfactory relationship with employees. Even the chief executive finds that performance appraisal is a dangerous source of friction and its hazards outweigh its values; so it should be discontinued altogether.
1. How far do you agree with the management that performance appraisal should be discontinued?
2. If you were the HR manager, how would you tackle the situation?
3. What modifications would you suggest in the performance appraisal system of the company

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