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Strategic Management

Part A: Attempt all the following 10*2=20 Marks
1. In strategic thinking, how long is the long term, approximately?
a. A week to a month
b. 1 to 12 months
c. 1 to 5 years
d. More than 5 years
e. None of these
f. Any of these
2. Which four parameters appear in the Ashridge Mission Model?
a) Environment; resources; beliefs; ethical standards
b) Strengths; weaknesses; opportunities; threats
c) Purpose; values, strategy; standards of behaviour
d) Policies; plans; controls and constraints
e) Aims; goals; objectives; constraints
3. Withdrawal, consolidation and building are examples of …. what?
a. Directional strategies
b. Corporate strategies
c. Grand strategies
d. Strategic directions
e. Strategy alternatives
f. None of the above
4. The marketing strategy emphasises price as the key to good value; operations runs with tight cost control; development focuses on cost reduction. Which of Porter’s competitive strategies is illustrated here?
a. Differentiation
b. Differentiation focus
c. Divisionalisation
d. Cost leadership
e. Cost focus
5. A sustained or sustainable competitive advantage requires that:
a. the value creating strategy be in a formulation stage.
b. competitors be simultaneously implementing the strategy.
c. other companies not be able to duplicate the strategy.
d. average returns be earned by the company.
6. Investors in a company judge the adequacy of the returns on their investment in relation to:
a. the returns on other investments of similar risk..
b. the stock market’s overall performance.
c. the initial size of the investment.
d. the prime interest rate.
Answer: a. the returns on other investments of similar risk..
7. The strategic management process is:
a. a set of activities that is guaranteed to prevent organizational failure.
b. a process concerned with a firm’s resources, capabilities, and competencies, but not the conditions in its external environment.
c. a set of activities that to date have not been used successfully in the not-for-profit sector.
d. a dynamic process involving the full set of commitments, decisions, and actions related to the firm.
8. Which of the following is NOT an assumption of the Industrial Organization, or I/O, model?
a. Organizational decision makers are rational and committed to acting in the firm’s best interests.
b. Resources to implement strategies are not highly mobile across firms.
c. The external environment is assumed to impose pressures and constraints that determine the strategies that result in superior performance.
d. Firms in given industries, or given industry segments, are assumed to control similar strategically relevant resources.
9. Which of the following is NOT an assumption of the resource-based model?
a. Each firm is a unique collection of resources and capabilities.
b. All firms possess the same strategically relevant resources.
c. Resources are not highly mobile across firms.
d. Firms acquire different resources and capabilities over time.
10. In contrast to the industrial organization model, in a resource-based model, which of the following factors would be considered a key to organizational success?
a. unique market niche.
b. weak competition.
c. economies of scale.
d. loyal employees.
Part B: Attempt five of the following 5*10=50 Marks
1. Bring out the detailed study on the environmental forces.
2. Bring out detailed study on the qualities on long term objectives.
3. Discuss in detail the common organizational structure, its pros and cons.
4. Bring out a detailed study on the various approaches to leadership style and its strategy implementation.
5. Elaborate on the importance of quantitative strategy planning matrix and explain in detail.
6. Describe the different approaches adopted in strategic decision making.
Part C: Case Study 30 Marks
Do you think that globalization concept followed in India is in the right direction? What is impact of globalization on Indian companies with special reference to Nalanda state small industries corporation Ltd. Explain specifically.

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