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1. Select any two brands of aerated beverages viz. Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Thumbs Up, Slice, Frooti etc. Identify the key elements of each of these brands; elements being salient features or physical attributes, like colors used, jingle, brand ambassador etc. Evaluate the target markets and positioning of these brands. What are their main points of parity and points of difference? Compare and contrast these brands on these parameters.

2. Using the illustration of any one established brand such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Honda or Samsung, explain the six building blocks of a Brand Resonance Pyramid. According to you, for this brand, which aspects contribute the most to the brand s high resonance with customers? Justify your answer.

3. The motor industry is an area where branding is particularly strong. Global awareness of the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz is second only to Coca-Cola. Recent research in the motor industry claims that some of the best-known brands can probably attribute at least half their worth or their equity to the brand. Consider the case of a well-known motor manufacturer – Skoda and how its brand equity increased through changing its image. Initially, Skoda was one of the largest manufacturers, a leader in design & technical innovation, offering some of the most prestigious cars such as the luxury limousines. With time, Skoda became unable to keep up with western manufacturers. Due to lack of creative and innovative ideas and manufacturing processes, the reputation and image of Skoda suffered. The company required a sound partner with the ability to invest, not only money, but also management expertise, thereby improving the efficiency of its factories & raising quality standards. Volkswagen came as a saviour and the partnership was accepted whole-heartedly. Skoda became the fourth brand in the Global Volkswagen Group along with Volkswagen, Audi and Seat. The strategic aim was to reposition the marque, reinforcing the core brand values of high quality & exceptional customer care. Repositioning focused on Skoda s exceptional value for money, reliability, functionality, quality and integrity. Skoda drivers are people who are unpretentious, down to earth and honest. The features, benefits and services that a customer will get from buying a new Skoda, will be its performance, looks, modernity, colour choice, design, engine and specification on one hand and its brand’s name, image, quality, features such as twin airbags, electric windows front and rear etc., on the other hand, besides high levels of customer service and after-sales. Skoda s core benefits include a high specification, matching rivals, complying with international standards of safety and emission. Components are supplied by top manufacturers such as Siemens, Bosch and Rockwell and specifications have been improved. The augmented product involves the quality of after-sales service, extended warranty conditions and credit. In fact, Skoda s customer loyalty, i.e. repeat purchases, is second only to Mercedes. Using the Skoda brand name to launch a new product, through the strategy of brand extension, enabled Volkswagen to enter new market segments. Skoda s product range is priced towards the lower end of the market, creating a fitment with the strategy of the Volkswagen Group. Skoda s advertising campaign portrayed the positive changes, emphasizing on its partnership with Volkswagen. Previously, the stereotype of a Skoda owner was predominantly male and retired. Recent changes in brand image and positioning have attracted affluent retired people, independent working women, non-working women and younger family men, leading to large increases in sales world-wide.
a. A car brand is more than just a marque Evaluate this statement and support with suitable justifications.
b. Evaluate the repositioning strategy of Skoda and its induction in the Volkswagen s portfolio.

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