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WAN Technologies


Question 1: What are the three types of VPNs? What type of VPNs link outside customers, suppliers, partners, or communities of interest to an enterprise customer’s network over a shared infrastructure using dedicated connections?
Question 2: How many data-link connection identifier (DLCI)s can an interface support? Can Frame Relay Inverse Address Resolution Protocol (IARP) work without Local Management Interface (LMI)?
Question 3: What is the Frame Relay broadcast queue?
Question 4: What protocol enables dynamic Frame Relay mapping? When LMI Auto sense is in effect, what message type(s) does the DTE send to the DCE?
Question 5: Is there a way to direct FC3 to use MS-CHAP V2 authentication across a PPP dialup connection? If so, how?
Question 6: Compare MPLS and IPSec-VPNs as WAN technologies?
Part – B
Question 1: Which is the most secure encryption algorithm: DES, 3DES, or Diffie-Hellman?
Question 2: How do cryptography-based keys ensure the validity of data transferred across the network?
Question 3: In a sub netted environment, how does the DHCP server discover what subnet a request has come from? If a physical LAN has more than one logical subnet, how can different groups of clients be allocated addresses on different subnets?

You need to troubleshoot a Cisco router at the Toronto office of How2Pass Inc. The router loses its configuration each time it is rebooted. You study the output displayed in the exhibit. What is the cause of the problem?
Q1: The Internet(internetworking) ha become a potent tool for
( )Education
( )Productivity
( )Enlightenment
( )All of these

Q2: In MAN, a network is accomplished using basic components
( )Hardware
( )Protocols(software)
( )Applications(useful software)
( )All of the above

Q3: In MAN, a network is accomplished using components
( )Hardware
( )Protocols
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q4: MAN uses only a
( )Long exchange
( )Local carrier
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q5: Packet switching technologies such as _____________ are used to implement WAN along with statistical multiplexing
( )Frame relay
( )Switched multimeagabit data service
( )X.25
( )All of these

Q6: WAN also uses switching technology provided by ____________
( )Local exchange
( )Long distance carrier
( )Both a & b
( )Small distance carrier

Q7: WAN technologies function at the lower three layers of the OSI reference model
( )Physical layer
( )Data link layer
( )Network layer
( )All of these

Q8: MAN stands for
( )Machine area network
( )Metropolitan area network
( )Metropolitan asynchronous network
( )Machine asynchronous network

Q9: Some of the widely used protocols for MAN are
( )OC-3lines(155 Mbps)
( )ADSL(asymmetric digital subscriber line)
( )All of the above

Q10: In MAN, different LANs are connected through a local _______
( )Telephone exchange
( )Computer wires
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q11: The geographical limit of a MAN may
( )Not span a city
( )Span a city
( )Either span or not
( )None of these

Q12: Government agencies and local libraries often use a MAN to connect to private
( )Industries
( )Citizens
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q13: Solicit-successor frame contains the address of the
( )Sending station
( )Successor
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q14: Check sum is used for
( )Error correction
( )Error detection
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q15: A company needs a WAN connection that is capable of transferring voice, video, and data at a minimum data rate of 155 Mbps. Which WAN connection is the best choice?
( )X.25
( )ATM
( )DSL

Q16: The maximum length of this field is _______ when the address is _______
( )8182 & 2 bits
( )8182 & 2 bytes
( )8182 & 4 bits
( )8182 & 4 bytes

Q17: Info field is used to ________
( )Send messages
( )Send data
( )Delete data
( )Create data

Q18: The destination address and source address field is similar to
( )IEEE 802.3 or CSMA/CD bus
( )IEEE 802.4 or token bus
( )IEEE 802.5 or token ring
( )IEEE 802.6 or MAN protocol

Q19: Frame control is also used to specify the ________
( )Frame technique
( )Frame type
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q20: Start of frame and end of frame are used to _______ the frame boundaries
( )Mark
( )Modify
( )Delete
( )Find

Q21: A _________ preamble is used to synchronize the receiver’s clock
( )Four-byte
( )Three-byte
( )Two-byte
( )One-byte

Q22: In a token ring, the stations are connected to the __________
( )Logical ring
( )Physical ring
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q23: The ________ follows the ring topology
( )IBM of LAN
( ) LAN of IBM
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q24: The 802.2 compatible interfaces provide two major types of services, which are
( )Unacknowledged
( )Connectionless
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q25: When compared with the OSI reference model, the IEEE standard contains the following layers:
( )Physical layer
( )Medium access control(MAC) equivalent to the lower part of the OSI data link layer
( )Logical link layer(LAC) equivalent to the upper part of the data link layer
( )All of these

Q26: The following are the important standards proposed by IEEE
( )IEEE 802.1- overview and relationship among the various IEEE standards
( )IEEE 802.3 or CSMA/CD bus
( )IEEE 802.4 or token bus
( )All of these

Q27: ISO revised these standards and reintroduced them as ISO 8802 standards during ____
( )1977
( )1987
( )1997
( )1999

Q28: In 1985, the committee issued a set of ___ standards
( )2
( )3
( )4
( )5

Q29: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers established a project named IEEE project 802 during the year _____
( )1990
( )1970
( )1980
( )1960

Q30: The various LAN protocols are
( )Ethernet
( )Token ring
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q31: The components used by LANs can be categorized into
( )Hardware
( )Cabling protocols
( )Standards
( )All of these

Q32: LAN is a network that is restricted to a relatively
( )Small area
( )Large area
( )Both a & b
( )None of these

Q33: ______ refers to tone signals used for various control purposes via the telephone network
( )SMS
( )GSM
( )None of these

Q34: ______ is a collection of point-to-point links that may form a circle
( )LAN
( )MAN
( )WAN
( )Ring topology

Q35: ____ is a network that this technology connects sites that are in diverse locations
( )LAN
( )MAN
( )WAN
( )None of these

Q36: ______ is a network that covers geographic areas that are larger, such as districts or cities
( )LAN
( )MAN
( )WAN
( )None of these

Q37: _______ is the technology that connects the machines and people within a site in a small area
( )LAN
( )MAN
( )WAN
( )None of these

Q38: ATM stands for
( )Automatic taller machine
( )Automated teller machine
( )Automatic transfer machine
( )Automated transfer machine

Q39: The first operational computer network in the world was the _________ for the United States Department of Defense

Q40: A computer network permits sharing of
( )Resources
( )Information
( )Both a & b
( )None of these



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