Project Management Solution for NMIMS June 20

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Project Management

Solution for NMIMS June 2020

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  1. Your organization is looking for procuring project management software. You are asked to prepare a file note describing how this software will help your organization. You are required to list at least three project management software tools with details such as salient features, cost, etc. You are also asked to recommend a specific software tool with proper justification. Please introduce your organization before sharing your file note.


  1. You are celebrating the successful completion of a project. During the party, the Vice President of Projects in your organization pulled you aside and asked you the secret of the success of the project. You shared few points, which seemed to have impressed her. Next day, you got an email from her to submit a brief report describing the key factors that led to successful completion of your project. The report is also expected to provide top two recommendations to other project managers. Please introduce your organization before sharing your brief report.


  1. “No! I have worked on this concept for so long and I don’t want some bean counters coming and telling me to stop working on it” Natasha was very upset since the Head of Accounting & Finance department have told her boss to immediately stop the work as his department didn’t find the proposed project financially viable.

“Don’t get emotional!” Jaywant started talking to Natasha. Being a good friend, Jaywant wanted to help her. “First of all, tell me how the NPV and IRR figures looked for your proposed project.” “I am not sure,” Natasha was candid. “I didn’t do those calculations since I was busy with other parts of the project proposal.”

“That’s a great mistake, I must say. You must do these calculations and then get them verified by our Accounting & Finance department. I can help but I would suggest you take help of Manish. He is not only expert is this type of analysis but he also respects your engineering abilities and will surely like to find the way out to save your proposed project” Jaywant’s words helped Natasha to get out of her chair as she moved to her phone for calling Manish.

a. How will Manish explain the concept of NPV to Natasha?

b. How will Manish explain the concept of IRR to Natasha?