Retail Banking-NMIMS Solution June 2020

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Retail Banking

NMIMS Solution June 2020

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Q1. Mr. Raj has recently graduated and got placed in a private sector bank and is unaware of the banking sector and its operations. Being his reporting manager you need to brief him with the Principles of lending and need to explain him in details about the same.

Q2. Retail banking is the most visible face of banking for the general public and have baskets of products for meeting customer’s ever ending demand. Express your opinion on how Retail banking can be used as a risk diversification tool.

Q3. “With increased competition and entry of new players, the banking landscape has made a sea change in the recent years. Sales team forms an integral part in banks and helps in enhancing customer satisfaction”

a. Share your opinion on the growing importance of sales team in banks and their contribution for attaining customer satisfaction
b. Enumerate direct sales and the advantages of Direct sales in banking sector

NMIMS Solution-June 17

Q1. Discuss the need for Customer Relationship Management in banks enlisting the different Banker-Customer relations. Give one instance each of your positive & negative experience as a banking customer. (10 Marks)

Q2. What are the investment opportunities available for NRIs in Retail banking?. Discuss in Priority banking in brief. (10 Marks)

Q3. With reference to the recent Demonetization process/directives initiated by the Government of India there have been many positive/ negative views from several quarters. Give your views on the following aspects of the process
a. Discuss your viewpoint on the emphasis on digital payment mode. Do you think there is sufficient technological infrastructural support for the same? (5 Marks)
b. Do you think that digital e-wallets as a way of the future, are a safe mode of transactions? (5 Marks)

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