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Professional Skill Development

Part A: Attempt all the following, State whether the following are true/ false or correct/ incorrect.

Marks: 2*10=20

  1. The general rule in business writing is to use long complex sentences.
  2. The advantages of writing in plain English are efficiency, equity and effectiveness.
  3. The letterhead identifies the receiver, their address and telephone number.
  4. Plain English is the most appropriate style for writing business letters.
  5. Phrasal verbs always consist of two words.
  6. There is no grammatical error in the following sentence.
  7. The channel you use to transmit a message should be based on your goal(s) for communicating.
  8. The way a message is perceived by the sender is the same way the receiver perceives the message.
  9. Communication is any behaviour verbal or nonverbal that is perceived by another.
  10. Proxemics is the study of how close or far away we stay from others and things.

Part B: Attempt 5 of the following                                                              10*5=50 Marks

  1. Communication is the sum of all things one person does when he intends to create understanding in the mind of another. It is a bridge of meaning. It involves a systematic process of telling, listening and understanding. Discuss.
  2. “There are many dimensions of communication barriers which block effective communication. “ Discuss the statement and bring out the different barriers and the way they effect communication adversely.
  3. “Interpersonal interaction depends on the awareness of the self but people are not fully aware of themselves”. Explain this statement with the help of Johari Window. How can this self awareness being increases?
  4. What are the essentials characteristics of a good communication system? Discuss the steps for making communication effective.
  5. Write an essay upon the importance and need of professional English in corporate world.
  6. Write the definition of sentence. Give two example of sentence. Explain about subject and predicate with definition types and examples.

Part C: Attempt all the following                                                                15*2=30 Marks

1.         You and John are very good friends, one day you called up John and asked him if he would like to go for shopping. John confirmed that he would meet at the grand Mall at 1 PM on the coming Wednesday. You reached the designated and waited for John. For over an hour constantly tried to reach him on his cell phone that remained unreachable. Frustrated and angry you shocked for a while before getting back home.

a)         Analyse and discuss the above situation.

b)         According to you would react in given situation.

2.         Your boss calls you into her office. She is polite and asks you to be seated. She seems calm and does not have any angry look on her face. However, she says, “It seems like you consistently make lousy schedules; you are unfair and unrealistic in the kinds of assignment you give certain people. your subordinate seems to be very intimidated but they are not complaining, so I thought I should let you know that this isn’t right and  it got to change.”

a)         Analyse and discuss the above situation.

b)         According to you would react in given situation.

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