Marketing of Services 1A


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Section – A

1. Explain the demographic variables in marketing of banking services?

2. Which model in marketing gave rise to moment of truth, a US television program?

3. What do you understand by – ‘The Triangle of Service’? – Show it by a figure.

4. What is a goods – service continuum?

5. Briefly explain 4C of Banking Marketing?

Section – B

1. State in the context of Marketing of Bank’s services how Public relation affects a Bank’s image ?

2. State the Important Banking Regulations in your country and their impact on Marketing Strategies?

3. Please elaborate:

A. “Pass Books are more near customer hearts than the computerised statement” – give your views with supporting practical evidence.


B. Highlight the main types of consumer segments. What are the more important criteria for segment analysis ?


Explain in detail 7 Ps of any industry of your choice



Section – C

Fill in the blanks


1. Marketing is a ________ process.

2. Primarily 2 types of approaches are adopted by Banks to set prices – 1. ­­­­­­______ and 2. ______.

3. Market potential is the total projected purchases of all members of a market _____ for a specified product during period of time.

4. Pareto theorised that the amount of consumer satisfaction with a product ______ be measured.

5. Products and _____ will allow you to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

6. Marketing is a complex phenomenon that combines both the ______ of business and its practice.

7. Banks are normally subject to 3 types of Banking regulations: (1) Structural regulation, (2)

____________ regulation and (3) Investor protection.

8. Total customer value is the bundle of ________ customers expect from a given product / service.

9. Marketing Information System consists of gathering, _________ and utilising environmental data

10. Merchant Banking activities include placement of _________ and raising term loans issued either in domestic currency or foreign currency.

11. Kotler divided the general marketing environment into _____ and _____ environment.

12. Short term planning normally covers ____ year/s period.

13. Customer delivered value as defined by Kotler is the difference between total customer _____

and total customer cost.

14. Product item refers to a ______ product or brand.

15. Cash Reserve Ratio is the tool being used by RBI to control the fund ______ in the


16. Corporate branches do not usually handle _____ financial services.

17. No matter how big and successful you become, never act like the _______.

18. Advertising is _______ and indirect means of one to many communications.

19. Factoring means purchasing all the _______ of customers to relieve them of botheration of recovery.




State True / False with reasons.

20. Controlling the marketing mix is key to successful marketing.

21. Market implies a situation where buyers and sellers of a commodity interact.

22. Market segmentation is the process of dividing a company’s competitors into groups or segments.

23. With Break-even-Analysis, an organisation can determine the price of a product at which it can make Profit

24. P.R. and Publicity is one and the same.

25. For essential products there is no need to bother about consumer expectations.

26. Total customer value is the value of products produced for total customers for those products.

27. Learning is temporary change in behaviour due to reinforced practices.

28. No concerted efforts are needed to market NRI deposits.

29. Every employee of a Bank should be like a P.R. person.

30. Marketing Plan and Marketing Planning Process are not different.

31. ATMs are necessarily located outside Bank’s premises only.

32. Habit is the natural extension of learning.

33. In Marketing Research, the first step is to define the problem and set objectives.

34. Advertising is indivisible part of promotion campaign.

35. Marketing plan is a document, which formulates a plan for marketing products and services.

36. Market research is research about the market.

37. A product or service – both are tangible.

38. A L/C is a guarantee given by a bank to customer.

39. Line of credit is a facility given by banks for export of goods.

40. The main characteristics of services are Tangibility, inseparability, homogeneity and perishability.



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