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Assignment – A

Q1. Discuss the ITIL V3 Service Life Cycle.

Q2. SOA is an Architectural style not an Architecture itself. Explain.

Q3. What are the SOA objectives? How it helps in implementing SOA?

Q4. Based on the types of services, explain the common service classifications used in SOA Projects.

Q5. What is the difference between incident management & problem management.


Assignment – B

Q1. Write the characteristics of Web service framework.

Q2. What are the problems faced by the professional engineers in any corporate company?

Q3. What does the message information headers provided by web service addressing include?

Q4. What are various components of ITIL service delivery?

Q5. Why ITIL V3 is considered best public framework for ITSM?


Assignment – C

Q1. Why big companies need ITSM more than small ones?

Q2. What is the goal of configuration management?

Q3. Why ITIL is being criticized?

Q4. How ITIL service delivery meet the specific business needs of a customer?

Q5. What is a service desk & why is it important to any company?

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