Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI NMIMS

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Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI NMIMS

June 2020

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Q1. Rohan is appointed as a control manager in a reputed bank. As a manager he needs to prepare the presentation highlighting the Risk control/mitigation process in banks. Help Rohan in preparing the presentation.

Q2. We have witnessed via media the massive fraud of Rs. 11,400 crores at Punjab National Bank which landed them in a huge controversy. Analyze the case and give a short presentation on what went wrong from PNB’s side and what precautions PNB would have taken while granting Letter of credit to its customer.

Q3. Assume you are ABC bank. In recent days Non-Performing Asset is giving a deleterious impact on the return on asset. As a bank, discuss

a. The factors contributing to high level of NPAs in the Indian Banks
b. The measures you will take to overcome this alarming issue.