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International Marketing NMIMS Solution June 18

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1. You are an Indian Company manufacturing shoe and exporting to EU through your office in London. Now you have decided to manufacture some of your products in EU and use this as an opportunity to expand your business in that part of the globe. You want to set up the factory either in UK or in Poland for his purpose. Evaluate the two location options of setting up the Plant and Business on basis of International Business & Marketing Environment parameters to come to a decision.
2. You are the CEO of a world renowned Toy Brand and wish to enter India. Evaluate any 3 entry options to enter into India. Which of the market entry options would you finally choose & why?
3. The South African Toothpaste market has strong growth and reasonable volume. The market is dominated by Colgate and GSK which have more than 85% market share amongst themselves. The rest 15% percent are scattered within 3-4 local players. Colgate & GSK are at similar price point while all the other local players are about 20-25% cheaper in prices. The top three parameters of buy of the consumers there are Health, Sensitive Teeth & Freshness in that order. While Colgate positions itself on health platform, GSK on sensitive teeth, other local players are mixed (confused?) positioning. One of the biggest reason for lower market share of local players is poor print quality on the toothpaste tubes whereas Colgate/GSK gets its products from Europe where better quality printing facility on tubes is available. You are an Indian Toothpaste brand and have reasonable share in the Indian market on herbal platform. You are now eyeing that market where there is no clear number 3. You have set up a Contract manufacturing and Distribution partnership with one of the leading business housed in SA who apart from other businesses are also into FMCG but not into Toothpastes. You have decided to export quality printed toothpaste tubes from here for the purpose to overcome the problem faced by local manufacturers.
a. Suggest what would be your pricing strategy for the new brand of toothpaste that you would introduce in South Africa market based on the information.
b. Suggest the possible brand positioning for your Toothpaste in the Tanzania Market.

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