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1. Which element is used to define a discrete unit of content such as a blogpost, comment, and so on?
a) section
b) class
c) article
d) none of the mentioned

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Answer: c [Reason:] The article tag contains a standalone piece of content that would make sense if syndicated as an RSS item, for example a news item.

2. HTML5 documents may contains a ___________ element, which is used to set the header section of a document.
a) header
b) footer
c) section
d) none of the mentioned

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Answer: a [Reason:] The header tag is used to contain the header content of a site.

3. Which element may be used within content to represent material that is tangential?
a) aside
b) cite
c) article
d) class

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Answer: a [Reason:] The aside tag defines a block of content that is related to the main content around it, but not central to the flow of it.

4. ____________ contains the navigation menu, or other navigation functionality for the page.
a) section
b) header
c) nav
d) aside

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Answer: c [Reason:] The nav element is for marking up the navigation links or other constructs (eg a search form) that will take you to different pages of the current site, or different areas of the current page.

5. Which of the following attribute is used to display date/time content?
a) time
b) datetime
c) date
d) year

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Answer: b [Reason:] To provide both human and machine-friendly date/time content, the element supports a datetime attribute, which should be set to the previously mentioned date format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD.

6. The element ___________ simply groups items within an enclosed dd tag, though it may associate them with a caption defined by a dt tag
a) object
b) figure
c) embed
d) none of the mentioned

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Answer: a [Reason:] HTML documents are delivered as “documents”.These are then parsed, which turns them into the Document Object Model (DOM) internal representation, within the web browser.

7. Which of the following element is used for highlighting content similarly to how a highlighter pen might be used on important text in a book?
a) em
b) strong
c) mark
d) none of the mentioned

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Answer: c [Reason:] The mark tag defines marked text and is used to highlight parts of your text.

8. To insert a video, we use a video tag and set its src attribute to a local or remote URL containing a playable movie.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a [Reason:] To show a video in HTML, use the video element.

9. Which tag is used to encapsulate navigation and then style the elements appropriately as menu items?
a) ul
b) li
c) nav
d) both a and b

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Answer: d [Reason:] Conventionally, many Web developers have used


  • tags to encapsulate navigation and then styled the elements appropriately as menu items. This seems to introduce quite a bit of ambiguity in markup because it may be difficult to determine the difference between a list that has links in it and a list that is simply navigation.