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Amity BBA Course Details – 3 years | 6 semesters

Semester 1 Amity BCA Assignment

Computer and Information TechnologySolved Assignment

Basic Mathematics ISolved Assignment

Programming in CSolved Assignment

Business CommunicationSolved Assignment

Human Computer InteractionSolved Assignment

Semester 2 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Data Structure using CSolved Assignment

Operating System ConceptsSolved Assignment

Individual Excellence and Social DynamicSolved Assignment

Environmental StudiesSolved Assignment

Software Engineering and ModelingSolved Assignment

Semester 3 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Computational StatisticsSolved Assignment

Introduction to Data Base Management SystemsSolved Assignment

Green computingSolved Assignment

Network BasicsSolved Assignment

Object Oriented Programming Using JavaSolved Assignment

Semester 4 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Unix Operating System and Shell ProgrammingSolved Assignment

Python ProgrammingSolved Assignment

Semester 5 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Professional EthicsSolved Assignment

Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceSolved Assignment

Fundamentals of EcommerceSolved Assignment

Semester 6 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Big Data AnalyticsSolved Assignment

Deep LearningSolved Assignment

Computer VisionSolved Assignment

Specialization – Cloud and Security

Solved Assignment

Semester 4 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Applied Cloud ComputingSolved Assignment

Information Security Practitioner’s PerspectiveSolved Assignment

Practical Approach to Data Mining and AnalyticsSolved Assignment

Semester 5 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Cloud Development*Solved Assignment

Practical Approach to Cyber SecuritySolved Assignment

Data Analytics

Solved Assignment

Semester 4 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Data Analysis using Excel*Solved Assignment

Data Mining and Warehouse*Solved Assignment

Usability Design for Software ApplicationSolved Assignment

Elective Courses (General)

Solved Assignment

Semester 4 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Cyber and Information SecuritySolved Assignment

Fundamental of Cloud Computing and EnterpriseSolved Assignment

Fundamentals of Digital MarketingSolved Assignment

IT Project ManagementSolved Assignment

Semester 5 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Data Warehousing and MiningSolved Assignment

Internet of ThingsSolved Assignment

Introduction to Enterprise Resource PlanningSolved Assignment

Semester 6 Amity BCA Assignment

Solved Assignment

Blockchain TechnologiesSolved Assignment

Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementSolved Assignment

Introduction to Data ScienceSolved Assignment

Introduction to e-GovernanceSolved Assignment

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