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Available Amity Project Report and Study Material

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Subject List for Amity MBA Assignments

Amity Semester 1 MBA Solved Assignment

Study Amity Semester 1 MBA MCQ and Study Material

  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Professional communication
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Marketing Management

Amity Semester 2 MBA Solved Assignment

Study Amity MBA Semester 2 MCQ and Sample Paper

  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Management

Amity Semester 3 MBA Solved Assignment

  • Strategic Management
  • Minor Project
  • Professional Ethics

Amity Semester 4 MBA Solved Assignment

  • Major Project
  • Management in Action – Social Economic and Ethical Issues
  • Digital Marketing

MBA Specialization for Assignment Help

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
Building Entrepreneurial Culture and Team
Enterprise Planning Appraisal and Financing
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
Social Entrepreneurship
Semester 4
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Leading Change in Family Business
Managing Innovation Process
Finance and Accounting Management

Finance and Accounting Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Corporate Tax Planning and Management
-Cost and Management Accounting for Decision Making
-Management of Financial Services
-Project Planning Appraisal and Control
-Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Semester 4
-Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions
-Principles and Practices of Banking
-Strategic Financial Management

Global Finance Market Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Financial Modelling
-Global Commodity Trade
-International Currency Management
-International Finance and Forex Management
-Management of Financial Service
Semester 4
-Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions
-Financial Engineering
-Risk and Insurance in International Trade

Hospitality Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Accommodation Management
-Catering Management
-Hospitality and Tourism Management
-Managing Front Office in Hospitality
-Service Operation Management
Semester 4
-Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality
-Entrepreneurship development in Food Industry
-Managing Room Revenue for Hospitality Industry

Human Resource Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Compensation and Reward Management
-International Human Resource Management
-Measurement in Human Resource
-Recruitment Selection and Retention
-Strategic Human Resource Management
Semester 4
-Leadership and Motivation in Organization
-Managerial Counselling
-Training and Development

Information Technology Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
-E – Business and Trade
-IT Project Management
-System Analysis and Design
-Web Enabled Business Process
Semester 4
-Business Process Management
-Enterprise Management
-Information Security and Risk Management

Insurance Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Fire Insurance and Consequential Loss Insurance
-Health Insurance
-Motor Insurance and Underwriting
-Principles and Practices of General Insurance
-Principles and Practices of Life Insurance
Semester 4
-Group Insurance and Retirement Benefit Schemes
-Miscellaneous and Agriculture Insurance
-Practice of Life Insurance Underwriting

International Business Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Global Commodity Trade
-International Business and Practice
-International Business Negotiation
-International Currency Management
-WTO and International Regulatory Environment
Semester 4
-Foreign Trade Policy
-Global Outsourcing
-Managing Business in Emerging Markets

Marketing & Sales Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Bottom of The Pyramid Marketing
-Consumer Behaviour
-Direct Marketing
-Pricing Strategies
-Product and Brand Management
Semester 4
-Advertising And Sales Promotion
-Customer Relationship Management
-Marketing of Services

Petroleum and Natural Gas Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Business
-Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration
-Petro Economics
-Project Management
-Technology Management and Innovation
Semester 4
-Customer Relationship Management
-Environment and Carbon Finance
-Fundamentals of Refining

Production and Operations Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Capacity Planning and Management
-Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control
-Project Management
-Service Operations Management
-Supply Chain Management
Semester 4
-Lean Sigma
-Manufacturing and Service Competitiveness
-Operations Strategy

Retail Management Solved Assignments

Semester 3
-Mall Management
-Merchandising and Category Management
-Principles of Retailing
-Retail Supply Chain and Logistic Management
-Sourcing and Vendor Management
Semester 4
-Luxury Retail
-Retail Branding and CRM