Project FAQ


Do you need Project/Thesis ready-made project report? If yes, must read before purchase for avoid any communication gap.

Q1. Can I get any help for my MBA/BBA project report or should submit exact same project as-it-is?
Ans: We provide readymade project as per standard university guidelines. Every university/institute has slightly different project guidelines and you need to modify and submit as per your university or institute guidlines for approval.

Q2. How can I purchase project report?
Ans: You can buy projects through your Credit Card, Internet Banking/NEFT/RTG, Money Order, Cheque deposits and Cash Deposit into our bank account, Cash deposits into our bank account, Money Order and Demand Draft.

Q3. How will I get project report?
Ans: You will get the soft copy (DOC format, you can edit as per yours) of projects. After receiving your payment we will send through email.

Q4. Is synopsis included with every project?
Ans: It mention on project details page.

Q5. What is the cost of the project?
Ans: The cost of Project is only Rs. 1500/- per projects

Q6. Can I get the hardcopy copy of complete project?
Ans: No. We provide the soft copy ONLY (doc/docx format).

Q7. My Question is not listed here. What to do?
Ans: You can send email to for your query

Q8. Can I buy the synopsis first and final project report after the university approves my synopsis?
Ans: No, we dont provide any part-wise delivery. You need to buy complete project and can edit synopsis as per project

Q9. Can I get some discount?
Ans: Sorry, We work on fixed price for all and don’t offer any discounts to any students.

Q10. I am unable to find any suitable topic for my project.
Ans: You can send email to for more project.

Q11. Do you provide GUIDE ?
Ans: We don’t provide any GUIDE.

Q12. Can you give guarantee about synopsis approval?
Ans: Sorry, guarantee of any type is not given.

Q13. Do you guarantee about project report approval?
Ans: Sorry, We don’t provide any type of guarantee for projects.

Q14. After buying a project or synopsis can i get more help in project work?
Ans: No, we will only provide what is specified in the details of a particular project.

Q15. I bought a project and synopsis from you but my university is asking to add more details?
Ans: We have already specified that every university and institute has different requirements. You may modify and submit according to your university or institute requirements. We will not be able to customize the project for you.

Q16. How should I find which project report is with synopsis?
Ans: Either see the package details of that particular project report or search ‘SYNOPSIS’ in the search bar on the right hand side of the webpage.

Q17. Is any refund policy?
Ans: This is eCopy so there are “No Refund Policy”