MS93 Management of New and Small Enterprises ignou assignment answers 2023



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Important announcement: (Last date of submission for January 2023 session is 30th April, 2023 and for July 2023 sessions is 31st October, 2023)

1. What are the various components of entrepreneurial competencies? Differentiate between Competence and Skill.
2. Explain the concept of Break- Even Analysis. Discuss how Break Even Point is calculated.
3. Define market demand. Discuss the various elements which determine market demand.
4. “Plant location is a strategic decision that has to be arrived at after careful deliberations of various factors involved.” With reference to the statement given above discuss the factors that have to be taken into account while locating a plant.
5. Why is Stabilization phase regarded as the most critical phase in the life of any enterprise? Discuss the stabilization strategies adopted to stabilize an enterprise.
6. Write short notes on the following:-
(a) Venture Capital
(b) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(c) Principle of Conservatism

July 2022

1. Explain with examples the employment generation potential of an Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).
2. Differentiate between selling and the marketing orientation using illustrations.
3. Give an overview of Technical Feasibility and know-how with special reference to scope of technical arrangements and provision of technical know how.
4. Why are small business owners not able to handle employee relations? Discuss what are the measures used for handling employee grievances?
5. Explain family business. Describe the positive and negative side of family business.
6. Write short notes on the following:-
(a) Classification of MSME’s
(b) Formation of the Company
(c) Commercial Banks

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MS93 IGNOU Assignment Question for Answer

1. Explain major entrepreneurial competencies. How is information seeking different from persuasion?
2. Why there is a need for market assessment? Explain the variables which determine market demand.
3. List the differences between Private and Public Limited Company stipulated under the Companies Act, 2013.
4. Discuss the promotional tools which are available to an entrepreneur. How is advertising different from sales promotions?
5. Explain the government initiatives for internationalization of small business.
6. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
(a) Family Business
(b) Special Features of MSMEs
(c) State Financial Corporation

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