MS09 IGNOU Solved Assignments



MS09 December 2020

1. Discuss the three choice problems as a central issue of an economy.
2. Distinguish between the three important sources of data used in forecasting:-
(a) Expert Opinion
(b) Surveys
(c) Market experiments
3. Briefly analyze the behavior of cost functions in the short run.
4. Explain the classification of markets based on their characteristics
5. What is Price Discrimination? Explain first, second and third degree price discrimination.
6. Write short notes on the following:-
(a) Managerial Economics and other disciplines
(b) Arc Price Elasticity
(c) Economies and Diseconomies of Scale

Previous Year IGNOU Question

    1. A firm has many objectives. Discuss how these objectives are different from the traditional objective of profit maximization.
    2. Illustrate the relationship between the firm’s total revenue curve and demand curve.
    3. Briefly discuss Production Isoquants and Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution (MRTS). Explain how is MRTS calculated?
    4. Differentiate between equilibrium of profit maximizing output of a perfectly competitive firm in short run and long run.
    5. Explain what is Price Discrimination? Differentiate between First degree and Second Degree Price Discrimination.
    6. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
      1. (a) Decision making under risk
      2. (b) Determinants of demand
      3. (c) Economies of Scope


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