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MAHE Solved Assignments 2023

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Currently these subjects are available for 2023 batch for MAHE assignment solutions. You can send your pdf for MAHE homework solutions. Also available MAHE study materials for exam purpose.

Marketing Management MAHE Question Solution

1. Write a ‘Marketing Plan’ for any product/Service of your choice.
2. Elaborate the marketing research process for a mobile phone targeted at students of Universities in your country.
3. With a neat sketch, explain how BCG matrix could be used for assigning resources for various SBUs taking a large multidisciplinary university as example.

IT for Business MAHE Assignment Solution

Q1: Evaluate the role of Management information system in your organization in line with the following diagram:

Q2: Design and Construct a technology plan for your organization. You may refer the following table:

Technology Plan

Q3: Devise and formulate an IT strategy for your organization to increase the value of goods and services.

Research Methodology Manipal Solved Assignments

Q1. Select a research topic of your choice and develop a questionnaire to collect data on that topic. Define the research objectives, identify the target population, and create appropriate questionnaire items and response options. Justify your choices based on the research objectives and the characteristics of the target population. (10 marks)
Q2. Explain the concept of sampling in research. Discuss different sampling techniques, such as random sampling, stratified sampling, and convenience sampling. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and provide examples of research scenarios where each technique would be suitable. (5 marks)



Business Economics MAHE Assignment

1. Explain the roles performed by managerial economist in an organization.
2. Discuss any FIVE pricing methods with relevant examples.
3. The Store Stocks the standard white emulsion paint which is a top-selling line.
Recently it has experienced a 20% fall in quantities sold of Paint as a result of a 10% fall in the price of similar paint in rival Stores.
4. The Store Stocks an exclusive range of glass paints that has recently proved to be very popular with better off homeowners and professional decorators.
5. As a result of the recession in the economy the store has suffered from a decline in sales of a range of highly profitable painting related items such as brushes and rollers. This has been further impacted by aggressive discounting in rival stores.

Financial Accounting mahe question for help

Q1. Briefly explain the components of Financial Statement: Also, mention any two items that facts under each component.

Q2. Following are the transactions (business transactions & non business transactions.) You are required to
Identify business transactions 4 pass Journal entries.
Also identify non – business transactions & give a note regarding the same.

April 1st Commenced business with cash is Rs. 20,000/
April 2nd Appointed Gregory as Salesman on monthly wage of Rs. 14,000/-
April 3rd Purchased goods from Ravi Rs. 5000/-
April 8th Bought office furniture for cash Rs. 8000/-
April 16th Received commission Rs. 150/-
April 25th Appointed Mr. Satish as a managers with a monthly Salary of Rs. 5000/- per month

Business Statistics MAHE coursework assistance

Q1: You are required to collect data from any field of your choice and do the following analysis.
a. Descriptive Statistics
b. Graphical representation of data (suitable)
For example, you may consider stock market data on three stocks and do the graphical analysis and summarize using descriptive statistics.
• Minimum count of data values should be 50.
• Data collected should not be confidential.
• Data should have minimum three variables.

Q2: Assume that you are a research Consultant, and you are consulted by two organizations, namely, a popular restaurant. Chain and an IT Company. Both the organizations are facing issues related to smooth functioning of their business. The restaurant chain has a declining number of customers and because of which the revenue is declining. For the IT Company, the issue is high attrition rate, due to which they have to spend more training on the new employees and the clients are not fully satisfied with the service.
Discussion Question:
a) As a researcher, how will you analyze these situations?
b) Discuss the scales of measurement, and various data analysis tools suitable for these situations.

Managing People and Organisation MAHE homework answers

Question 1: Collect 5 different advertisements for jobs (jobs postings) from the newspaper/internet. Analyse the advertisements and write about its effectiveness. What components has the job positing got right are what components are missing? (include the photo/screenshot of the job posting in the same file)

Question 2: Would you like to work individually or as a part of a team in any organisation? Discuss about the role that you played in any of the team (sports/ academic/ work related) that you have been a part of.  Mention the roles that were played by other team members and also tell what roles were missing in you team.

Business Communication MAHE coursework assistance

1. As a learner, you are required to write a letter to your course coordinator, covering the following elements :-

(i) Describe your experience in the past weeks of learning received through the course on “Business Communication”.
(ii) Your career goals(short term/long term),
(iii) A brief discussion of how you view your current communication skill levels. Were there any parts of the module delivery or quiz that excited you?
(iv) What are your strongest and weakest skills?
(v) Narrate one or two instances in your organization or college where you have applied your recent learning out of this course (Business Communication) in any given scenario that you recall.
(For instance, you were about to get into a heated argument with your colleague and suddenly reminded of the transaction analysis module you studied in class; then there was a sudden change in your understanding of the whole situation, and you were able recognize the ego state in which your colleague was responding to your question and you ended up compromising.)

2. Please share your stories-good or bad- about communications at the workplace/college.

(i) Did a top executive from the company/organization you are working in or the college you were studying handle the media frenzy with enviable tact during a crisis?
(ii) Was there an email or a memo that wreaked havoc in your company/college?

(iii) Did you get into an intense argument with your manager or your co-worker/colleague/classmate and later found it could be avoided, or too trivial to argue upon?
(iv) What did you learn from all the above experiences you have had?

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