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International Business Environment Assignment – A

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1 What are the difficulties in including all food and beverage outlets under the umbrella term “hospitality industry”?
2 How can you manage the overall experience of a restaurant so that customers keep coming back?
3 How is basing menu prices strictly on costs problematic? Elaborate with appropriate reasons
4 Will consumers buy the food of a popular restaurant, if the restaurant in question decides to increase its rates?
5 Why do customers mistrust genetically modified food? Give reasons and discuss.
6 What does it take to achieve success when opening yor own restaurant?
7 How can the changing age profile of the population influence eating out patterns?
8 In your opinion, why is it difficult to get hold of consistent statistics regarding the hospitality industry?

Case Study
Flipside Restaurant Flipside owes its success to its owner Mr. Jha. Mr. Jha is the grandson of late Mr .Aggarwal, who began running the coffee shop in the Pre-Independence days. Mr. Aggarwal did not experiment with the restaurant’s earlier concept of being a coffee and cookie shop Mr. Ravi the manager states that Mr. Jha has an easy-going style of management. It is Mr. Jha’s non-intrusive style that has taken the restaurant to new heights; with the turnover increasing year by year as new dishes are added. For adding new dishes, no systematic method is followed. Instead dishes are arbitrarily added, based on the suggestions of the staff. Mr. Shukla one of the managers, believes that a restaurant that offers an assortment of dishes, enjoys more success. Mr. Jha and Mr. Ravi have been partners for a long time. However, Mr. Ravi and Mr. Shukla do not see eye-to-eye as Mr. Shukla does not appreciate Mr. Ravi’s effort to bring in new ideas. This began to cause problems in the running of the restaurant. Though everyone has a designation and defined job responsibilities, communication lines have broken down. No communication is written down and no records kept. Everything rests with Mr. Jha and he can veto every decision. There is frequent mixing of orders, which has led to a lot of disagreements between the kitchen staff and its waiters. The waiters frequently overpromise and under-deliver. It is also difficult to ensure a dish is perfect when the menu is so varied. Moreover, waiters in the restaurant stick to their tables and customers are not made to feel valued. Mr. Jha and Mr. Shukla seem to be unfazed about the functioning of the restaurant and do not pay attention to any complaints made by the customers. Mr. Jha’s approach towards the management of restaurant is still appreciated by the staff. According to them, he is non-interfering and does not breathe down their necks.
1. Was it a wise move to change the style of the restaurant from a quaint coffee shop into a multi-cuisine outlet?
2a. Is an easy-going method of running a restaurant appropriate?
2b. Would a systematic and organised method of adding dishes result in benefits for the restaurant?
3. What steps should the management take to ensure that the communication lines between the waiters and kitchen staff remain open?

Assignment – C

Question 1: The __________ is the broader environment outside the immediate environment of a particular food service business.
a) Micro-environment
b) Macro-environment
c) Macro- atmosphere
d) Micro-atmosphere

Question 2: A ____________ key factor is a factor which will limit the activities of an undertaking and which is taken into account in preparing budgets.
a) Budget
b) Budget evaluation
c) Budget Analysis
d) Budget presentation

Question 3: __________ budget guides the management in making necessary purchases, to be made in the budget period.
a) Production
b) Sales
c) Materials
d) Purchase

Question 4: The ________ budget is a forecast of the production for budget period.
Selling expenses

Question 5: The preparation of production budget is dependent on the _______ budget.
a) Sales
b) Materials
c) Purchase
d) Selling expenses

Question 6: _________ budget assists the purchase department in suitably planning the purchases, fixing the maximum and minimum levels of materials, etc
a) Selling expenses
b) Production
c) Sales
d) Materials

Question 7: The ________ budget indicates all items of expenditure in the promotion, maintenance and distribution of finished products.
Selling expenses

Question 8: The ____________ is in charge of the events room plus the organisation required to prepare the rooms for various events.
Administration Office staff
Dispense bar staff
Sales Manager
Banqueting head waiter

Question 9: The ___________ is responsible for all administration including meeting productive clients and discusssing the arrangements for the menu, table plans, costs, etc
Sales Manager
Conference Manager
Bnaqueting head waiter
Events head waiter

Question 10: ________ is the term used for the service of special events for a specific group of people at pre-set times, with the food provided being pre-determined
Event servicing
Event Planning
Special event catering
Event catering

Question 11: The main role of the ________ is to promote the event facilities of an establishment and where necessary to make initial approaches and contacts.
Banqueting Manager
Events Head Wine Waiter
Sales Manager
Banqueting head waiter

Question 12: The __________________ is often responsible for organising and employing the banqueting events wine waiters.
Wine Waiter
Events Head Wine Waiter
Banqueting Manager
Events head

Question 13: At the meeting when the booking is confirmed, an _____________ will be completed.
Event feedback form
Event organisation form
Event planning form
Event booking form

Question 14: _______ is used mainly when meals are plated, although some establishments use this style of service for silver service and other forms of service.
Wave service
Top table service
Traditional plated service

Question 15: Which of these is not a type of buffet?
Fork buffet
Display buffet
Dessert buffet
Finger buffet
Question 16: Conducting a ________ session one or two days before the event is extremely vital.
Tune -in
Question 17: A cocktail party organised for purposes of social or business networking is called a _________
Cocktail social
Corporate party
Question 18: ________ encourages people to step out of their drinking comfort zone.
Full bar
Drink menu
Cocktail menu
Wine bar
Question 19: A __________ is a piece of furniture which is positioned in the dining room of a home and holds most of the equipment used at the table i.e crockery.
Question 20: _________ is a reliable means of attracting the attention of other tables in the restaurant.
Question 21: _________ the dish involves the staff member selecting the items to mix together for the items arranged in a trolley.
Serving the dish
Mixing the dish
Question 22: ___________ is the cooking or finishing of dishes, by adding a spirit and setting it alight.
Mixing the dish
Question 23: According to Roger A.Strang, sales promotions are short-term _________ to encourage purchase or sale of a product or service.
Question 24: Sales promotional tools have a few distinctive characteristics.These include:
All of the above
Question 25: _________ mean that the product is available at less than the normal price during the deal period only.
Price deals
Quantity deals
Question 26: ___________ mean that more quantity of the same product is offered at no extra cost or just a nominal increase in the price.
Quantity deals
Price deals
Question 27: The objective of a ________ is to push more stocks to the trade, for getting early or immediate cash payment from the trade.
Question 28: When a premium article is banded to the package of the product with a tape, adhesive or rubber band, the product is called___________.
Container premium
Banded premium
Over-the-counter premium
Free-in-mail premium
Question 29: ________ encourages consumers to stay brand loyal, increase usage rate and increase the attention getting power of the ads.
Self-liquidating premium
Puch Money
Free-in-mail premium
Question 30: _______ are temporary price reductions or reimbursement of expenses incurred by dealers, in full or partly.
Trade Allowances
Buy-back allowances
Count and Recount
Question 31: In a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, __________ conditions may appear with little or no warning.
Question 32: Many firms develop ___________________ by rewarding consumers for each purchase.
Consumer attraction programs
Consumer incentive programs
Consumer loyalty programs
Consumer servicing programs
Question 33: ______ are those offered periodically only,such as holiday parties.
Special promotions
Special deals
Special discounts
Special offers
Question 34: _________ consists of principles, practices and guidelines that an organisation follows when interacting with its customers.
Customer support management
Customer feedback management
Customer relationship management
Customer sales management
Question 35: A __________ software which is linked to the point of sale software, generates sales information on the menu products.
Cloud DRM
Cloud DAM
Cloud CRM
Cloud CRP
Question 36: __________ are the data that has been collected and takes marketing one step further.
Incentive programs
Sales programs
management programs
loyalty programs
Question 37: The size of the restaurant kitchen plays an important role in creating the _________.
Service card
Programme card
Food service
Question 38: For designing the floor plan of the restaurant, the factors that should be taken into consideration are:
Available space
Type of restaurant
Seating arrangements.
All of the above
Question 39: The _____________ division manages the cleanliness of those regions of the hotel which are not cleaned by the housekeeping department.
Kitchen cleanliness
Type of restaurant
Seating arrangements.
All of the above
Question 40: A restaurant’s _________ includes supplies, products and ingredients on hand to prepare and serve food and beverages.
Menu card
Room service

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