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Online MCQ Assignment Answer

QN1: Who is standing on the balcony at the play’s opening?


b. Nicola

c. Raina

d. Louka

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Answer: c. Raina

QN2: What country does the play take place in?

a. Bulgaria

b. Serbia

c. Russia

d. Austria

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Answer: a. Bulgaria

QN3: Which of the following sits on the top of Raina’s chest of drawers?

a. quilt

b. Paperback novels

c. A jewelry box

d. Religious pamphlets

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Answer: b. Paperback novels

QN4: In the first act who enters the room to deliver news to Raina?

a. Major Petkoff

b. Catherine

c. Sergius

d. Nicola

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Answer: b. Catherine

QN5: Who is Sergius?

a.Raina’s cousin

b.Raina’s brother

c.Raina’s fiance

d.Raina’s husband

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Answer: c.Raina’s fiance

QN6: What supposedly heroic thing has Sergius done?

a.Lead an infantry charge

b.Duel an opponent

c.Lead a cavalry charge

d.Rescue women and children

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Answer: c.Lead a cavalry charge

QN7: Who expresses dismay about the cruelty of war?





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Answer: b.Louka

QN8: In Act I, what does Louka tell Raina and Catherine should be done?

a.Fasten the windows

b.Board the door

c.Board the windows

d.Turn off all the lights

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Answer: a.Fasten the windows

QN9: What does Bluntschli use as a weapon against Raina?

a.A mirror

b.A cloak

c.A knife

d.A blanket

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Answer: b.A cloak

QN10: Where does Bluntschli hide?

a.Behind the door

b.Under the bed

c.Behind the curtains

d.In the closet

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Answer: c.Behind the curtains
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