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Assignment A

Essay type questions

Que. 1) Write a brief note on the evolution of travel and tourism with time.

Que. 2) Enlist a summary of motivations to travel.

Que. 3) Define tourism product. Give examples of any two of them.

Que. 4) A person can be/ cannot be a tourism product. Justify your answer.

Que. 5) With the help on one example each explain inbound, outbound and domestic tourism.

Que. 6) Explain central services in detail. Give examples.

Que. 7) How do modes of transportation have evolved with time? What role has it played in taking tourism to its present developed stage?

Que. 8) With the help of examples explain how can some modes of transportation be considered as modes of accommodation too?

Assignment B

The Andhra Pradesh Government has finalised the State Tourism Policy, which lays special thrust on private sector participants with incentives such as concessional land allotment, capital investment subsidy, reimbursement of stamp duty, VAT and luxury tax.

At a high-powered meeting chaired by the Chief Minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, the finer details of the policy were addressed and approved. The policy was formally announced at the World Tourism Day celebrations on September 27, according to the Tourism Minister, Ms J. Geetha Reddy.

The focus of the policy is to position the State competitively for attracting private sector investments in tourism and hospitality projects and promote inbound tourism across various destinations beyond Tirupati, Puttaparthi, Hyderabad and Vizag. It is proposed to target the incentives to the private sector according to the Government’s priorities in terms of geographical areas and tourism products.

As a part of the policy framework, the Government has identified areas and products that could be developed through private sector participation. The Government’s priority is the need to focus on “common man”, and create necessary support infrastructure to suit the requirements.

The new policy proposes concessional allotment of land, which includes lease of up to 33 years at 5 per cent of basic value with an incremental provision of 5 per cent every year. It also covers a capital investment subsidy of 20 per cent for investment up to Rs 2,00,00,000 only. For investment of over Rs 10,00,00,000 crore, the subsided would be considered on a case-to-case basis.

The policy has also provided for reimbursement of stamp duty, transfer fee and VAT. The benefits for VAT could be offered up to five years.

There is also some concession with regard to luxury tax and power tariff. The Government, apart from early clearances, would provide marketing support.

Que. 1) How the Andhra Pradesh government is trying to woo the private sector participation in tourism industry?

Assignment C

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Choosing the vendor is a part of
    1. The pre-consumption experience
    2. The purchase experience
    3. Core consumption experience
    4. None of these
  2. The experience which a tourist gets while a service is delivered is an example of
    1. The pre-consumption experience
    2. The purchase experience
    3. Core consumption experience
    4. None of these
  3. As per Peter’s inventory culture, tradition, scenery and entertainment
    1. Are part of the tourism inventory
    2. Are not the part of the tourism inventory
    3. Depends on tourist’s choice
    4. None of the above
  4. Nanda Devi national park is located in
    1. India
    2. China
    3. Nepal
    4. Japan
  5. Ski and beach resorts are
    1. Examples of sight seeing
    2. Examples of specialized accommodation
    3. Can be found anywhere
    4. Not associated with accommodation but are associated with activities
  6. One of the famous game safari in African continent is
    1. Kurger
    2. Sarengatti
    3. Both of them
    4. None of them
  7. Peripheral services are provided by
    1. Government
    2. Host community
    3. Private service providers
    4. None of the above
  8. North eastern state of Assam is famous for dance
    1. Bharatnatyam
    2. Bihu
    3. Lavni
    4. Kathakali
  9. Tourism can broadly be categorized in to
    1. Inbound tourism
    2. Outbound tourism
    3. Domestic tourism
    4. All of the above
  10. An example of marital or game dance is
    1. Kathak
    2. Vela-kali
    3. Danda- Rasak
    4. Kalaripayettun
  11. Cenral services in tourism includes
    1. Medical facilities
    2. Banking and foreign exchange services
    3. Accessibility
    4. Guiding services
  12. Goa is famous for
    1. Jute Macramé Craft
    2. Coconut Mask Carving
    3. Sea Shell Craft
    4. All of the above
  13. Those middle men who do not purchase inventory in advance but approaches to the supplier or principal on behalf of its customer only when the customer has already approached him are
    1. Insurance agents
    2. Travel agents
    3. Guides
    4. All of the avobe
  14. Ajrakh prints, sodagiri prints and Matani – Pachedi print are the famous printing styles
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Gujarat
    3. Andhra Pradesh
    4. Kerala
  15. These operate in tourism and travel market as a compiler of services and they sell their products as a package for one unit price are
    1. Tour operator
    2. Travel agents
    3. Operators
    4. Middle operators
  16. Travel insurance is a mandatory document for getting USA visa
    1. False
    2. True
    3. Can’t say
    4. May be
  17. Guiding facility is an example of
    1. Tangible aspect of tourism product
    2. Intangible aspect of tourism product
    3. Both
    4. None
  18. Visa on arrival is permitted in India, to
    1. The citizens of some selected coutries
    2. All the tourists
    3. Not to the tourists
    4. To business travellers
  19. Inseparability means
    1. The production cannot be separated from the consumption
    2. The product cannot be separated from the consumer
    3. Both producer and consumer cannot be separated
    4. None
  20. Tourism was not available to masses until
    1. Industrial revolution
    2. World war I
    3. World war II
    4. Democracy in USA
  21. Tourism products are highly perishable. It means
    1. Products have a long shelf life
    2. Products have a very small shelf life
    3. Products can be resold to other customers
    4. Consumer has to go to the product to consume the product
  22. An example(s) of tourism product(s) can be
    1. An organization
    2. A place (destination)
    3. An event
    4. All of them
  23. A flight ticket is purchased for a date, on a particular sector in the name of a particular person only. The same seat ticket can be used to travel on the some other day or some other sector by some other person. It is an example of
    1. Perishability
    2. Inseparability
    3. Absence of ownership
    4. Long shelf life
  24. On the basis of movement from origin place to a destination which is in the same country during the tourism can be
    1. Inbound tourism
    2. Outbound tourism
    3. Domestic tourism
    4. All three of them
  25. In tourism industry standardization of the quality of product
    1. Is possible
    2. Is not possible
    3. Both a and b are correct
    4. Both a and b are worng
  26. A Japanese going for tourism in Russia is an example of
    1. Outbound tourism
    2. Inbound tourism
    3. Domestic tourism
    4. None of the above
  27. One of the reason for unstable demand of tourism products in the industry is
    1. Seasonality
    2. No tourist goes back to the same place again
    3. Tourist goes for tourism but does not stay in a hotel
    4. Airlines have limited sectors in which they are allowed to operate and fly
  28. Broadly classifying two basic types of components of tourism products are
    1. Central services
    2. Peripheral or private services
    3. Both
    4. None
  29. Experiences are tourism products
    1. True
    2. False
    3. Both a and b
    4. None of the above
  30. The scenery of a locale is
    1. A pull factor
    2. A push factor
    3. Can be either
    4. None of these
  31. The most imposing of Indus valley civilization is the building is the Great Bath of
    1. Mohan-jo-daro
    2. Harappa
    3. Alamgirpur
    4. Lothal
  32. Printing and advertising industry is an example of
    1. Central services
    2. Peripheral services
    3. Private services
    4. Both b and c
  33. Travel agents and distributors are part of
    1. Central services
    2. Peripheral services
    3. Private services
    4. Both b and c
  34. Sanchi stupa is in
    1. Maharasthra
    2. UP
    3. Rajasthan
    4. MP
  35. In India tourism industry enjoys the status of
    1. Import industry
    2. Infrastructure industry
    3. Trade
    4. Export industry
  36. Vinaras or Monastries are associated with
    1. Hindu architecture
    2. Mughal architecture
    3. Gothic architecture
    4. Buddhist architecture
  37. Arch of Conception and Se Cathedral of Goa were built in
    1. Buddhist style
    2. The typical Portuguese-Gothic Style
    3. Middle eastern style
    4. Hindu style
  38. Symbol used to represent Indian Medical Visa is
    1. J
    2. K
    3. L
    4. M
  39. Indian ordinary passport is
    1. Navy blue in colour
    2. White in colour
    3. Maroon in colour
    4. Green in colour
  40. Indian official passport is
    1. Navy blue in colour
    2. White in colour
    3. Maroon in colour
    4. Green in colour
  41. Indian diplomatic passport is
    1. Navy blue in colour
    2. White in colour
    3. Maroon in colour
    4. Green in colour
  42. Alien passport are issued to
    1. Aliens coming to visit earth
    2. Residents of planet earth going for space tourism
    3. Both
    4. Individuals lining in a country of which they are not citizens



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