Synopsis and Projects on Improvement of Customer Satisfaction in Al Mufeed Information Technolody WLL



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Statement of the Problem:

It is important to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product they purchase as well as with the way the product is delivered as per firms prospective. This is true for companies producing pure goods or pure services..contd.

Why is the particular topic chosen?

 As a student, I would like to further deepen my knowledge about the customer satisfaction.  I am very interested to investigate all the aspects presented for this study…contd.

What contribution would the project make and to whom?

This would focus deeply in providing effective analysis for customer satisfaction.

 Objective and scope of the study


  • Analogy between the customer’s expectation and his actual perception of the service performance.
  • The service company’s knowledge of their customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Creation and implementation of service quality standards in line with customer’s expectations.
  • The match between intended and actual service delivery.
  • Analogy between the service company’s image and the actual service performance.


This project is developed to have a better customer satisfaction in Al Mufeed Information Technolody WLL.


A method that allows the researcher to reach the objective of the study must be designed and explained. Such an explanation is important for the researcher in order..contd.

Primary Data:

The primary data is collected by interacting with the manager and other concerned executives at the administrative office of the company.

Secondary Data:

All the secondary data used for the study has been extracted from the annual reports, manuals and other published material of the company.

 Chapter Scheme

The Chapter Scheme in the project report is planned to be as under:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

Chapter 3 – Methodology

Chapter 4 – Data Collected

Chapter 5 – Data Analysis

Chapter 6 – Findings

Chapter 7 – Recommendations

Chapter 8 – Conclusion

 Appendices and Annexures


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