Synopsis and Project Report on Advance Traffic Service


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Statement of the Problem:

Many travellers are affected due to accidents, road works, slippery road surfaces and numerous other types of incidents in everyday traffic…contd..

Why is the particular topic chosen?

The purpose with this thesis is to investigate the methods of developing a traffic service that notifies clients of events that affect their planned route….contd..

What contribution would the project make and to whom?

Result of project in a realization of the Traffic Service where clients can make route-choices, save the route and are subsequently notified of events that will affect their trip.


  • Finding optimal routes
  • Drawing maps with dynamic information
  • Positioning clients
  • Finding and notifying affected clients


We present some scientific perspectives on which the researcher must focus when determined problem area….contd..

Chapter Scheme

The chapter scheme for this project report is planned to be as under:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Survey of Technologies

Chapter 3 – Requirements and Analysis

Chapter 4 – System Design

Chapter 5 – Implementation and Testing

Chapter 6 – Results and Discussion

Chapter 7 – Conclusion



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Appendix B

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