Strategic HRM NMIMS 2020 for Dec

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Strategic HRM

NMIMS SHRM Assignment Dec 2020

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Q1. ABC Ltd. is a well-known financial institution in India since 1970. Recently, the company has decided to shift its HRM approach to make it more strategic. You are hired as a consultant in this transition. Explain the challenges that you may face in this process?
Q2. WONDERWORLD is an entertainment company which is into gamification technology. The company is reviving its HRM approach to make it more strategic in nature. First function that company wants to undertake strategically is talent acquisition and staffing. As an HR consultant of WONDERWORLD, suggest a strategic approach to talent acquisition and staffing.
Q3. EDURING Pvt Ltd. is a medium sized IT company which is currently facing an employee turnover problem. To address this issue, you are hired as a consultant by the company. In this background, answer the following:
a. Explain the types of employee turnover
b. Explain the reasons for employee turnover

June 2020

Q1. SONA Ltd is a mobile handset manufacturing company from India. Due to tough competition, the company is finding it difficult to survive in the market. Top management is considering downsizing of staff to reduce the increasing cost. Before doing the same, company has asked you to assess the impact of downsizing on organizational performance. You are an HR Director of the company. Assess the impact of downsizing on organizational performance.

Q2. VICTORY Pvt Ltd is an Edutech company offering online certification programs to college students and corporate employees. The company is planning to set up a performance appraisal system to enhance the performance levels of employees. You are an HR Manager of VICTORY and company management has asked you to identify strategic issues in designing performance appraisal system.

Q3. MARKETEX Is an upcoming digital marketing company from Mumbai. Company is going for massive expansion for which more employees need to be selected. Before going for recruitment and selection drive, the company wants you to do the following:

  1. As an HR Manager, you are asked to identify strategic issues in selection.
  2. Which selection tests can be administered during the selection exercise?

April 2020

  1. PHANTOM Ltd is a Mumbai based IT firm which is planning an expansion in domestic market. The company has realized the importance of HR Process in this and hence has decided to adopt a strategic approach in managing its human resources. However, the company lacks experience in this process of strategic human resources management. You are hired as a consultant and your first task is to point out challenges in SHRM so that the company is able to prepare better. Point out the challenges to SHRM.
  2. ABC Ltd is a medium size FMCG export firm based in Bengaluru. So far, the HR practices in ABC were not being done in a professional manner. Now the owner has decided to adopt strategic perspective with respect to HRM. You are hired as a consultant for this. Explain how will you apply 5P’s Model of SHRM in ABC Ltd.
  3. XYZ is one of the telecommunication operators in India. The company is facing an issue of high employee turnover due to better opportunities for employees outside XYZ. You are a HR Head of XYZ and you, now, have decided to implement a career planning program in XYZ Ltd. In this background, answer the following questions:
    a. How will you identify career stages?
    b. What will be the steps of career planning process in your organization?