Strategic Financial Management NMIMS June 18


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NMIMS Assignments June 2018

Q1. From the following details supplied by Amaya Plastics ltd. you are required to:

  1. Calculate the Net Present Value
  2. Calculate the Discounted Payback Period

For each Capital Expenditure proposal given below:

The discounting factor is 12% and tax rate 30%. (10 Marks)


Q2. Kailash Ltd. Earns Operating Profit (EBIT) of Rs.1,80,00,000 at existing capital structure. You are required to calculate financial leverage and EPS with the help of Following information

Tax rate 35% (10 Marks)


Q3: A) Naysha Ltd. has the following capital structure as on 31st March,2017

10% debentures (before tax)                                     (Rs)        300000

9% preference shares                                                    (Rs)        200000

Equity shares of Rs.100 each                                                       500000

Total                                                                                                      1000000


The equity shares of the company are quoted at Rs.102 and the company is expected to declare a dividend of Rs.9 per share for the year. Tax rate is 40% required.

Calculate the cost of capital (5 Marks)


Q3. B. Discuss the cheapest form of raising long term finance with reference to Question 3 (A) and state the reasons for the same. (5 Marks)