Statistics For Managers Assignment Solution AU 2020


Assignment Solution AU 2020

  1. 1. Develop a research problem that requires the use of discriminate analysis. Use ‘entered college’ ‘did not enter college’ as dependent variables. Discuss with basic functions
  2. 2. A Statistical survey is a scientific process of collection and analysis of numerical data. Explain the stages of statistical survey. Describe the various methods for collecting data in a statistical survey.
  3. 3. Two groups of 100 people each were taken for testing the use of vaccine. 15 persons contracted the disease out of the inoculated persons, while 25 contracted the disease in the other group. Test the efficiency of the vaccine, use X square value (at 5 percent level for one degree of freedom the value of X square = 3.82)
  4. 4. A panel of two judges P and Q graded seven dramatic performance by independently awarding marks as follows
    Performance: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Marks by P: 46 42 44 40 43 41 45
    Marks by Q 40 38 36 35 39 37 41
    The eighth performance, for which judge Q could not attend, was awarded 37 marks by judge P. If judge Q has also been present, how many marks would be expected to have been awarded by him to the eighth performance?

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