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Q1: Draw the context diagram and a set of data flow diagrams for developing a library management system with the following functionalities. List the assumptions made in your analysis.

a. Inquiring the availability of a book by giving the ISBN or title or author’s name

b. Renting a book that is available

c. Returning a book after use

d. Reserving a book when it is not available

e. Collection of overdue charges

f. Maintaining book details

g. Maintaining supplier details who supply the goods.

Q2: Design a set of files for supporting a common payroll system. Comment on the data security issues of the file system you have designed.

Q3: Assume that you are in charge of designing software to be installed in bank ATM. Which kind of architecture would you choose? Give reasons for your selection and draw the architecture diagram of the system.

Q4: Assume that you are given the following details of a small mail order catalogue system that allows people to shop from home:

When a customer receives the catalogue and wants to buy something, he can telephone, fax or email his order to the company. The company gets the order and sends the goods and an invoice. When the customer receives the goods with a delivery note, he sends payment and receives a receipt for payment. Draw the context diagram and data flow diagrams up to level-2 to analyze the requirements of this system. Also, give the data dictionary.

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