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Q1: “Creative management, whether in public administration or private industry, depends on methods of inquiry that maintain objectivity, clarity, accuracy and consistency”. Discuss this statement and examine the significance of research”.

Q2: “Experimental method of research is not suitable in management field.?Discuss the problems in the introduction of this research design in business organisation?

Q3: “Interpretation is an art of drawing inferences, depending upon the skill of the researcher”. Elucidate the given statement explaining the technique of interpretation.

Q4: You are working as a purchase Manager for a company. The following information has been supplied to you by two manufacturers of electric bulbs. Which brand of bulbs are you going to purchase if you desire to take a risk of 5%

x Company A Company B

Mean life (in hours) 1300 1248

Standard Deviation (in hours) 82 93

Sample size 100 100

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