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Q1: Assume that you want to evaluate a training programme. Discuss various types of experimental research designs that can be adopted and give suitable situations for each type.

Q2: Prepare a questionnaire to study the attitude of students who are pursuing Masters’ programme in Business Administration through distance education mode.

Q3: Consider mobile phone as a product. List the attributes that are considered by consumers while buying the product. Assume that you need to segment the product market. What analysis you will use for this objective and how you progress to reach it.

Q4: Assume that there are three judges evaluating the candidates appearing for selection process at preliminary level. At final level you wish to have only two of them and how will you decide which two can be selected for final process of selection. Assume that an individual’s performance is based on his education, experience, ability, emotional intelligence and self confidence. Explain independent and dependent variables in this case. Assume that you are applying regression analysis what are the criterion you will look for to interpret?

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