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Q1: ABC & CO Ltd wishes to setup a paper manufacturing unit in the sub urban area of your city. You have been assigned to examine the preliminary requirements and to conduct a feasibility study. What factors you will consider to study the technical and economic feasibilities of the project. Give an outline of the feasibility report.

Q2: “Detailed project report forms the foundation on which the entire super structure of the project is built,” if it is weak, the project cannot withstand the turbulent times ahead. Discuss bringing out the do’s and don’ts of a good report.

Q3: Discuss about the infrastructure projects in the context of present day’s economic developments of the country. Brief out the common problems associated with it and the efforts made by the government to solve the same.

Q4: Why do role models impact the decision of people to become the entrepreneurs? Do you think that a person whose parent was an entrepreneur of a failed business is more or less likely to start his or her own business than a person whose parents were managers of large established companies?

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