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Q1: Describe in detail the Integrated GAPs model of Service Quality. Assume you are the manager of a service organization and wanted to apply the GAPs model to improve the service. Explain the gap you would start with, by highlighting the reason. Also describe in what order you would proceed to close the gaps.

Q2: A leading consumer company intends to diversify into hair care products and has identified shampoo with conditioner to rural markets. The product is not new to the market. However, the competitive advantage for the company is in technology and product formulation. Assume you are appointed as a product manager for the company. Describe in detail the formulation of marketing strategy for the successful launch of the product to the rural market.

Q3: A public sector commercial bank is trying to change the way it is perceived by its customers. It seems and said as slow bank with low technology and customer unfriendly attitude. Also employees of the branch does not assign due weightage to physical attraction in the environment. Suggest the bank on the strategy it should implement on the operations, technology and people fronts including all or any elements of the 7 Ps in order to attract high profile customers to the bank.

Q4: Yoga and Spirituality have long been India’s strengths in foreign markets. Also the ayurvedic product brands from India are making a big league globally. Design strategy to focus on the measures you would prefer to initiate to increase the influx of high spending tourists coming from abroad. Also make use of the Indian traditional knowledge and sell books based on it in the markets abroad. Describe your plan and explain how you would go about it to promote it in foreign markets.

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