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Q1: Bring out a detailed marketing research that would be useful for a) the public transport authority in Chennai city b) National Zoological Park – Vandaloor.

Q2: Panda Inn is a chain of fast food restaurants located in major areas of Chennai. Sales have been growing very slowly for the last two years. Management has decided to add some new items to the menu, but prior to that they want to know more about their customers and their preferences.

a. List possible hypotheses .

b. Explain what kind of research design would be appropriate?

Q3: The campus food service would like to determine how many people eat in the student cafeteria. Which survey methods can be used to obtain this information? Which method is best and why?

Q4: State the type of experiment being conducted in the following situations. In each case, identify the potential threat to internal and external validity.

a) Major distributor of office equipment is considering a new sales presentation program for its sales people. The largest sales territory is selected, the new program is implemented and the effect on sales is measured.

b) Procter and Gamble wants to determine if a new package design for Tide is more effective than the current design. Twelve supermarkets are randomly selected in Chennai. In six of them, randomly selected, Tide is sold in the new packaging. In the other six, the detergent is sold in the old package. Sales for both groups of super markets are monitored are monitored for three months.

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