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Q1. Mr. Sarath, CEO of a Multinational company has decided to construct a warehouse in the central part of the India. He approaches you for designing the warehouse. Counsel Mr. Sarath in designing the warehouse with different sizes and shapes and explain its relationship with material-handling system. Suggest the reason for constructing different designs of warehouses by explaining its advantages and disadvantages.

Q2: Mr. Puneeth has recently opened a logistical service agency. When he enters into the business, many agencies face different legal problems related to logistical operations. Mr. Puneeth does not know how to run the business without any legal problem. As a logistical legal consultant, advise Mr. Puneeth about various transport regulations to overcome legal problems.

Q3: You are assigned the position of Chief Manager in a logistics company located at Mumbai. You have customers across globe. Your responsibility is to collect the goods from various sources and export it from the nearest port. How do you do the operation, and explain the problems you may face during the logistical operations?

Q4: “Supply chain management is need of the hour for current business scenario” – Substantiate your views for the above statement by explaining the real time success stories of any three business firms of your choice.

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