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Q1: List and explain the issues involved in development of a business website.

Q2: Describe the various methodologies used in Business Process Reengineering and compare these methodologies.

Q3: Discuss the issues to be considered in planning, design and implementation of Cross Functional Integrated ERP Systems.

Q4: Manufacturers of a mobile phone may assume unique name, address, contact details with model number and type. One manufacturer made one product and different manufacturers may have different products with the same model number. But no manufacturer would have two products with the same model number. With the help of unique identity number customers are identified and have email id and physical address. Many customers may live at the same physical address, but to assume that no two customers have the same mail id. One customer placed an order with unique order number and date. For each order there are one or more products ordered and there is a quantity for each product on the order. Draw an E/R diagram to capture the above information.

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