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Q1: AMUL is the India’s largest food products organization and the market leader in whole milk, condensed milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, ice cream, dairy whitener and sweets. “Amul-Diversifying for Growth” looks at how the co-operative integrated approach adopted by Amul has been successfully used to dominate the dairy products market and how it is utilizing its strong brand name to diversify into non-dairy products, processed foods, and other products. Discuss.

Q2: India’s strict regulations against allowing FDI in retail sector prevent the entry of the foreign retailers to our country. Discuss the attempt of foreign retailers to enter the land of opportunities through different strategies.

Q3: Explain the Leadership Re-organization. Discuss about Wipro’s Co-CEO model. Will Wipro achieve what it set out to do by appointing Co-CEOs?

Q4: Transformation of an Indian Family Business into a globally competitive Firm: Illustrate how companies from emerging market like Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) from India are competing globally by leveraging on their core competencies.

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