Software Project Management Assignment for AU 2020


Assignment for AU 2020

  1. A public library is considering the implementation of a computer-based system to help administer book loan at libraries. Identify the stakeholders in such a project. What might be the objectives of such a project and how might the success of the project be measured in practical terms?
  2. Assume that a company has decided on a COTS solution that will replace the whole of the existing maintenance accounting system rather than simply plugging in additional modules to deal with group accounts. Write a memorandum to the company’s legal department outlining the important provisions that a contract to supply this system should have.
  3. An organization is contemplating the purchase of a project planning software tool such as MS project and has decided to draw up quality specifications for the package. The features that they are particularly concerned are, to set up details of new projects and updating the project details with information about actual work completed. Draw up quality specifications in respect of the qualities of 1) Usability 2) Reliability 3) Recoverability
  4. ABC software company is to develop software for effective counselling for allotment of engineering seats for students with high scores ranking from top colleges. The product has to be upgraded if the common entrance score is to be considered. Describe the appropriate product development life cycle and the standard skills required.

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