Services Marketing Solved Assignment for NMIMS June19



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Q1. Bookworm’s World is a U.K based Book Store chain planning to launch in the Indian market, specifically catering to children’s books, workbooks and educational toys. Initially the Book store chain will begin its operations with 6 major cities which are being seen as potential markets and then slowly it shall expand to other big cities in India as well. With this vision, the management, now wants to explore the various options for service delivery. Since it is a new chain, the delivery options need to be cost effective, atleast to begin with The management is open to all sorts of technology tie-ups to explore the self-service or remote options along with the traditional delivery models. Suggest all the possible delivery options that you consider appropriate. Justify with an argument. (10 Marks)

Q2. Summer vacations for the kids are round the corner. This time around, you have decided to surprise the kids with the Big Summer Holiday that you and your better half had been contemplating since long. Choosing between a 7-day European dreams or The best of U.S or Amazing Australia or the umpteen options flashing on various travel sites, is indeed a complicated decision; especially in the backdrop of a budget constraint. Quite obviously, while the flashy packages offer the ‘oh-so’irresistable’ deals, these prices are not just the only costs that the customer has to incur. The real cost of the service to the customer is an amalgamation of many inter-related monetary and non-monetary costs.
Discuss the various search, purchase and post-purchase costs that you will have to incur in the purchase of the holiday package. (10 Marks)

Q3. is the new kid on the block; a new mobile-app based service which helps you keep a tab on your children and their nanny while you’re out of the house. The Nannytracker, a new service for working parents, allows them the facility of home care viewing on their smartphones. The subscriber can view real-time video through a smartphone that is capable of showing video clips of footage of the home’s interior space. The app gives the user a comprehensive view of what their kids are up to while they are away.
Besides the clandestine video clips of the home, that get captured periodically through a hidden camera and are posted to the parents, the smartphone app can be installed at both the parents and nanny’s end, and can work as a vital communication tool between them. The app provides easy messaging between parents, nannies, or any other caretaker, all within the account. Hence, any important information such as medication dosages, nappy changing frequency, food and play instructions don’t get missed out.
The app also allows the Nanny to click pictures of the baby and post them so that they remain in one location/ account. The Daily News Feed provides an overview of their activities, as well as all the data that was tracked, messages that were exchanged, and photos that were shared.
The service is being targeted to working women living in urban metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai; many of whom have domestic helpers to take care of their children during working hours.
Although the service intends to provide parents with peace of mind, it could work equally well for pet owners.

The app is compatible both the iOS and android platforms. Priced at Rs. 999 on Playstore and App store, as one-time download charges, each member of the caretaker team needs to download the app by paying the installation charge. The charge includes installation of the camera, all app-related services and unlimited data storage.
As if this is not enough, the app also allows you to add another child to the same account. And this one’s completely free of charge. You will receive separate notification for both the kids; however, you have to ensure that they are in the same location.
Now this is what you call women’s empowerment!!

a. Discuss and evaluate the marketing mix for (5 Marks)
b. What is the core service being offered by Compare the facilitating and enhancing supplementary services being offered by (5 Marks)

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