Service marketing NMIMS Apr 19



Service marketing NMIMS Apr 19

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Q1: SVC Telecom Ltd is a market leader in basic telephone services. It was rated as the best service provider by a leading business magazine. It is now planning to enter the highly competitive mobile services market on a national scale. What are various options that SVC has regarding the positioning of its new mobile services?

Q2: Medicare Hospitals, a multi-specialty hospital chain, has branches in all the four metro cities. As part of the exercise to improve the customer service at the hospital, it wants to analyze the adequate service expectations & the factors that affect the adequate service expectations of the customers. What are the possible factors that affect the adequate service expectations in the context of healthcare services?

Q3: Read the following case & answer the questions:

Banking sector is going through a major transformation and witnessing robust growth. Automation is the order of the day. In order to sustain competition & enhance customer experience new initiatives have been introduced. Technology is the driving force and internet and mobile banking are the recent trends.

You are the chairman of a 30 year old private sector bank with conservatives approach. Employees being from the old school of thought have resisted the new trends now introduced by most of the banks.

Your branches are majorly located in South India. The bank is faced with a few Takeover threats in the past. The government is insisting merger of the bank for viability & modernization. Your product portfolio requires a change to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. The board is expecting from you a thorough overhaul of the marketing mix.


(1) Design the service product offering for your bank

(2) Evaluate the role and importance of people in a service industry.

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