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1. Mr. Sharma was a worried person because the sales graph for the last quarter was going down and this was due to the strong economic downturn, competition was stiff and payments for outstanding dues was not coming, the management meet was due and Mr. Sharma had no option to Motivate the sales staff to recover sales and payments. What in your opinion should be his motivational plan?
2. Outline a plan for converting a prospect of Consumer Durable goods into a customer and the steps for closing the sales.
3. CASE STUDY – Godrej
Godrej has taken a strong interest in the FMCG Sector and is trying to put large resources in the same. It has become a strong competitor to Hindustan Unilever and P&G. One of the main reasons for the growth is the large distribution network that Godrej has both in Urban and Rural Markets, the kiosks have been the mainstay of Godrej Network, it also has strong price points in the products offered.
Consumer promotion instead of trade promotion has dominated Godrej strategy. It creates a strong pull for its brands, so that consumers become loyal to the brand and the retailer has no option but to stock it, this leads to a build-up of a strong distribution system which helps Godrej in building the strength of the company. Brands such as Good Knight are brand leaders, CINTHOL and NO 1 are popular soap brands, it has many other products which form important brands in India.
The company is looking at a growth rate of minimum 20% in this sector and has recently appointed a Marketing manager to specially look at the FMCG Sector.The strengths of the distribution and branding are the main stay of the company and the growth has to be built on the same.
a. Please help the Marketing Manager of Godrej to achieve the 20% growth, how will the distribution strategies help in the same (5 Marks)
b. What do you understand by consumer promotion? What role will it play in building up its brands as it is the main stay for the company?

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